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The Episode begins with Muskaan enlightening Ronak regarding Kajal’s confirmation. He says you ought to have controlled your indignation, Kajal is reasonable than you, she requested that I bring you and Gayatri today. Muskaan supposes I need to locate some other way, I can’t disclose to Kajal’s reality to Ronak, he can get in risk, I can’t give anything a chance to happen to her. He says you need to plan something for influence everybody to trust that we adore Kajal, keep your annoyance at side and collaborate, consider something. Muskaan says I will converse with Gayatri later, I have work. She goes.

Muskaan apologizes to Gayatri. She tells about the play. Kajal gestures to Gayatri. Gayatri says we will unquestionably partake in the play. They all think about the play point. Kajal says we will have a tiger and seeker play, we will say how to spare the wild creatures, I will be child tiger, Ronak and Muskaan will be tiger and tigress, all of you become trees and Gayatri will move toward becoming seeker. She asks Gayatri to lay down with her today around evening time. Muskaan approaches Ronak to take Kajal out for frozen yogurt. Ronak says Kajal gave smart thought, we will proceed to have frozen yogurt. They go.

Muskaan apologizes to Ronak. He asks her is she going to complete a slip-up once and for all. Muskaan says I won’t complete a mix-up once more, guarantee, excuse me this time. He grins. Kajal eats frozen yogurts. She says I will slaughter Muskaan tomorrow. She asks Gayatri to peruse the letter. Muskaan contacts Ronak’s feet. He snickers and acclaims her. He says I have changed as a result of you. She says my life changed with your coming, you acknowledged me by getting against the family. Kajal discloses her arrangement to Gayatri. She asks Gayatri to shoot Muskaan, the weapon will have genuine slugs, she will slaughter Muskaan and she will go correctional facility. Ronak says I consider ahead.

Muskaan says I don’t have a clue what I can accomplish for you later, let me know whether you need anything. He considers and says fine, will you give me what I need, I need you to kiss me. She gets stunned. He inquires as to for what reason did you say it at that point, you simply talk, I realize you can’t do this. She considers Kajal. She says fine. He gets stunned. She goes near him. He stops her and asks what’s going on with you, no, I don’t wan the kiss, our inviting condition will get ruined, you will begin to look all starry eyed at and it will be a major issue for you. He stops her and holds her hand. They grin. Kajal compromises Gayatri and requests that her execute Muskaan. Gayatri says no. Kajal says I can shoot you, I will have the firearm with me, I need to do this, I need to wed Ronak. Gayatri says you are rationally a youngster, for what reason will Ronak wed you. Kajal says if Muskaan bites the dust, I will get a stun, I will complete a show and become typical, I will get up from my wheelchair and afterward wed him, I guarantee I will deal with whole family on the off chance that I wed him, you and Muskaan get off my direction. Gayatri concurs.

Precap Upcoming Muskaan Episode Update: Gayatri shoots Muskaan. Ronak sees the blood and gets stunned. Muskaan gets treated in ICU. Specialist says sorry, we couldn’t spare Muskaan.


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