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The Episode starts with Amma scolding Muskaan. He asks the girls to wish that Maalik forgives them. Inder asks Deepa to apologize to Maalik and stay as bahu. Maalik comes downstairs. He sees the girls. He says Muskaan, tell me what’s your condition, no one will stop you from studies, fine, you three will go to study at Vidhangarh college. Inder says its a boys college. Inder and Kuldeep argue. Maalik asks them to stop nonsense. Amma asks the girls to go to college. Maalik says wait. He gets clothes for them. Muskaan thinks where did I get stuck. Ronak thinks nothing will happen to you. Amma asks Maalik what is he doing. Maalik says you said you want to wear clothes of your choice, wear jeans and go to college now. He asks Lakhan to save the girls from the boys now.

Bua asks Hukum to take them to Ronak. Hukum says I m happily doing this, tell me about Lakhan, why does Lakhan say that he has no one, did he fight his dad. Bua says no, he killed his dad. Bunty says she means he ended ties with his dad, we want to take him home. Bua says yes, call him. Hanumant asks what happened. Ronak asks how shall I save Muskaan, Maalik is doubting on me, I have to clear the doubt. He gets Bua’s call. Bua says Bunty and I are at Hukum’s house, come and take us. Ronak gets shocked. He ends call. He says Bua and Bunty came here, why, another problem has come. Hanumant asks are they fine. Ronak says yes. Hanumant says we will save them later, we have to save Muskaan first. Ronak asks him to take him to college. They leave.

Muskaan, Chamki and Deepa get ready and come. Muskaan asks Maalik to spare them. Maalik says no, I won’t spare them, Lakhan can’t save you today, you will learn a lesson today. Ronak tells everyone about Devinand girls coming to college. He asks them to teach a lesson to village boys. The people fight. Ronak says college will get shut because of their fight, Muskaan will be saved, I will go and get Bua. He asks Hanumant to keep an eye at the college. Muskaan comes to the college with Maalik. They see the fight happening. The man says they are fighting for the girls, so we have shut the college, you also go. Maalik thinks Lakhan played a good move to save Muskaan. Hukum asks why did Lakhan come here. Ronak comes and sees Bua and Bunty. Bua blesses Ronak. Hukum says you said you have no one. Ronak says I ended relations.

Hukum asks what’s this, are you playing doctor doctor with me. Ronak says no, didn’t Bua tell you that Bua has untouchable disease, so I keep them away. Hukum gets shocked. Ronak wears a mask. Bua asks what are you saying. Ronak says don’t hide the disease. He lies and does a drama. Hukum asks Bua and Bunty to take them out. Ronak takes them. Muskaan says its not possible to go to college in this situation, lets go home. Maalik says I stick to my decision. He fires in the air. The fight stops. He sends the Devinand guys. He says three girls will study with you all today. He asks them to go and study hard. The guys follow the girls. Maalik tells something to the principal.

Muskaan asks Chamki and Deepa not to worry. The guys welcome them. The man asks Muskaan to come with him to the office. Bua says we wanted your signs on property papers, the property will go to trust. Ronak says no way, I know you will behave badly with mum in my absence, just go now. He makes them board the bus. He says I will go home now, Muskaan would have come back. Muskaan says I have a request, we will sit in some corner in the class and go home. He asks her to have tea and go. She drinks tea. Maalik sees Hanumant and calls him. He says go and tell Lakhan to see how college students get Muskaan out with love. Hanumant calls Ronak. Ronak gets shocked. Ronak says I m coming.

Precap: The man says there is no one to work at the shop. Maalik says these girls will work as labor.


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