Muskaan 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Muskaan apologizes to Gayatri. She tells about the play. Kajal nods to Gayatri. Gayatri says we can sincerely participate within the play. all of them think of the play subject matter. Kajal says we can have a tiger and hunter play, we can say the way to keep the wild animals, i will be child tiger

Ronak and Muskaan might be tiger and tigress, you all turn out to be trees and Gayatri will become hunter. She asks Gayatri to sleep along with her this night. Muskaan asks Ronak to take Kajal out for icecream. Ronak says Kajal gave precise concept, we can pass and feature icecream. They go.

Muskaan apologizes to Ronak. He asks her is she going to do a mistake for the final time. Muskaan says I received’t do a mistake again, promise, forgive me this time. He smiles. Kajal eats icecreams. She says i’m able to kill Muskaan the following day. She asks Gayatri to study the letter.

Muskaan touches Ronak’s ft. He laughs and praises her. He says i have changed due to you. She says my life changed together with your coming, you universal me with the aid of getting in opposition to the family. Kajal explains her plan to Gayatri. She asks Gayatri to shoot Muskaan, the gun may have actual bullets, she will kill Muskaan and he or she will go jail. Ronak says I think of ahead.

Muskaan says I don’t know what i can do for you later, tell me if you want anything. He thinks and says excellent, will you supply me what I need, I want you to kiss me. She gets taken aback. He asks why did you are saying it then, you simply talk, I understand you could’t do this. She thinks of Kajal. She says high-quality. He gets shocked. She is going near him.

He stops her and asks what are you doing, no, I don’t wan the kiss, our friendly equation gets spoiled, you will fall in love and it is going to be a large trouble for you. He stops her and holds her hand. They smile. Kajal threatens Gayatri and asks her to kill Muskaan. Gayatri says no. Kajal says i’m able to shoot you, i will have the gun with me, I need to do this, I need to marry Ronak. Gayatri says you’re mentally a child, why will Ronak marry you. Kajal says if Muskaan dies, i’m able to get a surprise, i can do a drama and become normal, i will rise up from my wheelchair and then marry him, I promise i can contend with complete family if I marry him, you and Muskaan get off my way. Gayatri concurs.

Precap: Gayatri shoots Muskaan. Ronak sees the blood and gets taken aback. Muskaan receives dealt with in ICU. health practitioner says sorry, we couldn’t shop Muskaan.


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