Muskaan 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode stars with Kajal getting aware. Gayatri asks are you great. Kajal asks who are you. She calls Ronak and Muskaan as her mothers and fathers, and kisses them, announcing i like you mothers and fathers. they all get stunned. She asks who’re those guests, why are you no longer identifying me. She acts that she is an eight year antique female. Shantanu asks how are you. Kajal says this stranger uncle is bad, ask him to depart. She cries aloud and faints. medical doctor asks them to simply flow away. He injects her. Ronak asks what took place to her. doctor says she simply identifies you as you were with them while she heard the truth, she thinks you’re her mother and father. cute asks who told her the fact. Muskaan says I informed her. Gayatri asks why, are you a idiot.

Muskaan says she became insisting Ronak to take her to her mother and father. physician asks her to no longer allow any surprise attain Kajal, you have to satisfy all her wishes. He asks Ronak and Muskaan to play roles of her mother and father, if she gets any shock, her lifestyles can fall in danger. Muskaan says I m geared up Kajal’s responsibility. Ronak says I m with you. health practitioner asks Shantanu no longer to position mental strain on Kajal and now not ask her some thing. Shantanu is going. doctor says i’m able to come to check on her, take care of her.

Hanumant comes to fulfill Ronak. Ronak beats him and vents out anger. Hanumant asks him no longer to wait greater and tell his emotions to Muskaan. He says its an easy thing, simply say the three words, i like you. Ronak says I agree, my way to say i really like you’ll be special. Kajal wakes up and calls out Muskaan. She goes to check Muskaan and takes a knife to stab her. a person knocks the door. Kajal receives bowled over and lies returned. Ronak enters the room and smiles seeing Muskaan slumbering. He sits there and shoulders her head. He additionally sleeps. Kajal appears on and gets angered.

She remembers Ronak’s guarantees. She remembers how she had locked herself within the rest room and made everybody concerned. She had heard Shantanu’s voice and escaped by the window. She goes out and messages Manav so that the medical doctor lies to all of us about her intellectual state. She pushes the wheelchair and hurts herself. She acts to faint. fb ends. Kajal thinks i can make Muskaan go away this international. Its morning, Muskaan says I need to pass and take care of Kajal. Ronal smiles. He stops her and says its simply you and me, nobody will come, I want to inform you some thing, just permit me communicate nowadays, we are able to exit for breakfast, there may be a surprise for you, then you could do for sales internship, don’t forget your desires to end up great pupil. She says but I should see Kajal, I don’t realize if i will go to college, I took Kajal’s duty, i will’t go away her alone. He says its now not your mistake, don’t blame your self, i have an answer, now smile. She smiles.

Precap Upcoming Muskaan episode update: Sujoy comes to satisfy Kajal. She says you’ll be dad’s pal. She acts like a child. Sujoy receives at a loss for words and wears the masks.


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