Muskaan 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with the guys troubling Chamki and Deepa. They ask the lecturer to leave the class. Muskaan drinks the tea. She stumbles. Principal signs the peon. She leaves. The guys ask her to take their support. She asks them to get away. They hold Muskaan and take her. Chamki and Deepa run to her. Ronak comes to college and sees Maalik. They see the guys bringing Muskaan out. Ronak gets angry seeing the guys touching her. Muskaan pushes them away. She stumbles. Ronak holds her in arms. Maalik looks at them. Deepa and Chamki come there and hold Muskaan. Maalik asks the guys to go. He sees Ronak. He asks are you done with the studies, come home. He leaves. They come home. Bua and Bunty get shocked seeing her. Bua thinks Ronak is stuck here because of Muskaan, its good, I just want property. Ronak comes and gets shocked seeing Bua and Bunty. He asks Amma how did she let them come in. Amma says she is fine, she got it written by doctor, you are doing this drama to get rid of them.
Maalik comes and asks who? Bua says I have seen this man somewhere. Maalik asks from where did you come. Ronak thinks if they tell that they are from Kolkata, I will be gone. Ronak says from Kanpur, they will leave now. Maalik says no, they will stay with us as guests. Maalik asks them to go and rest. Muskaan gets conscious and sees everyone. Ronak asks Muskaan how is she. Muskaan says I m fine, don’t blame yourself. Amma asks the girls to go. Maalik says what’s the hurry, I have to fulfill their conditions, I will arrange work for you, you like to work hard, now work hard. Ronak says Maalik, I have a request, you did a lot, look at their state, enough now, don’t punish more. Maalik says this will end with your defeat and my win, I won’t get peace until you and Muskaan lose. The villagers come home. The man says its a big problem, Navratri has arrived, you told me that you will help me. Maalik says I have a solution for your problem, you want labour, these are the three labourers.

Ronak gets shocked. Maalik asks what’s the work. The man says I want a tailor. Another man says I want a motor mechanic. Another man says I want a man to carry the grains sacks. Maalik says fine, Deepa will work as a mechanic, Chamki will work as mens’ tailor, Muskaan has much strength, she will do work to lift the goods. Ronak gets shocked. He asks Lakhan to think fast, how will he save the girls. Amma says I need to talk, you punish the girls, but spare Deepa, she is bahu of this house. Maalik says I have declared my decision. Maalik says they have to work as labourers. Muskaan gets lifting the sacks. She gets dizzy. The man asks Chamki to take his measurements. Ronak gets some kids and says they need school uniform first. He signs Chamki. Ronak goes to help Muskaan. She says I will manage, help Deepa, many people are around her. Maalik looks on. Ronak says take care, I m here. He sees Inder there. He goes to Inder.

He says if this goes on, you will become a joke in the village, you go and talk to Maalik now, maybe he forgives, go fast. Inder says Maalik, punish Muskaan and Chamki, but Deepa is my wife, forgive her please. Maalik nods. Inder smiles. Inder goes to Deepa and says come home, Maalik has forgiven you. Deepa says no, I won’t go. Muskaan says please go for my sake. Deepa says fine, I will pray you and Lakhan win this fight. She goes with Inder.

A car comes. A man asks Muskaan to fix the puncture of his car fast. Muskaan tries to fix. Maalik looks on. Ronak comes there and lifts the car front. He signs Muskaan. Muskaan changes the tyre. They see Maalik. The men ask Chamki to take the measurements. Muskaan says I will do this, go to the kirana store. Chamki goes to the shop. She sees a girl inside the sack. The girl gets up. Chamki asks who are you. The girl says I m Vidya, Dharam Singh is my dad, I want to go to my brother in Ambala, help me please. Ronak says move back, its my turn. Muskaan smiles. Chamki comes and says a girl Vidya is in godown, help her, she wants to go to Ambala. Muskaan says we should help her. Ronak asks who will help you. She says I will prick with the needle if anyone comes close, go now. Ronak says very smart. Maalik shouts Lakhan.

Precap: The man says Chamki and Lakhan made Vidya run away, punish them. Muskaan says wait, they should punish me. Maalik asks Chamki to tell the punishment. Chamki says Muskaan is given to Dharam Singh as his new wife. Ronak and Muskaan get shocked.


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