Muskaan 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kajal wakes up and asks what am I doing here, wherein are Ronak and Muskaan. Bua says you are speakme generally. Kajal says then what, why are you talking this way, what am I doing here. Kajal says I asked Ronak and Muskaan approximately my mother and father, you will be knowing, I instructed him to take me to Banaras to control dad’s enterprise. Bua says yes. Kajal thinks my reminiscence have to come returned, in the end Muskaan is lifeless.

Ronak receives under the influence of alcohol and thinks of Muskaan. Hanumant consoles him. Bua says Kajal, your parents aren’t any extra. Kajal says no, this could’t appear, take me to Gayatri, she can tell me the fact. Bua says Gayatri is in prison. Kajal asks what’s taking place, did she kill my parents. Bua says no, Gayatri has killed Muskaan. Kajal asks what, Muskaan…. take me to Gayatri. medical doctor comes to test Kajal and acts. He says everything is everyday now. He asks her questions on her identity. He says I think she were given first-rate by using getting a success on a head.

Ronak gets drunk and springs to Gayatri. He says you have killed Muskaan, how will I tell Aarti that i have misplaced, i’ve lost Muskaan. He says you had a great deal hatred and killed her. He cries. She apologizes to him. Kajal and Bua come there. Kajal says I need to talk to Gayatri. Bua leaves her and is going. Kajal asks her to tell in the courtroom some thing she has informed her. She says as soon as I marry Ronak, i will stand up from this wheelchair. Sir ji and Hanumant carry Ronak to the room. Sir ji makes Ronak sleep and is going. Its morning, Ronak wakes up and sees Hanumant.

He recollects Muskaan. He rushes to the medical institution. He is going and meets Muskaan in the morgue. His tear falls on her face. She opens her eyes. He receives bowled over seeing this and faints. She worriedly receives up and holds him. She sprinkles water on him. He receives up and sees her alive. He says Muskaan…. and smiles. He says i have died and are available to you, we are in heaven, is that this heaven. Muskaan signs and symptoms no. He says its exact, we are in heaven. She asks what are you pronouncing, you are alive and even I m alive. He asks are we alive…. He tests her. He hugs her and fortuitously cries.

Precap: Muskaan shoot Kajal down. Kajal falls useless.


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