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The Episode begins with Muskaan getting assist in time. Hanumant saves her existence. Ronak saves Kajal. He lifts Kajal and takes her. He says you’re high-quality now. Ronak asks Muskaan are you great. Muskaan says I m first-class, you control Kajal. Kajal says I got harm, even mum would have were given harm. Gayatri says no, she is exceptional. lovely says don’t cry, we are with you. Gayatri’s cellphone earrings. She solutions Shantanu’s call. He says i have to talk to you about Kajal, I spoke to a huge doctor, maybe she can stroll again, I known as you to tell, i’ve a request, you don’t inform this to Kajal. She is of the same opinion.

Muskaan says don’t supply me any wonder once more, i will’t handle it, no want to get severe, its now not your mistake. Ronak smiles. Gayatri scolds them. Ronak says Muskaan fell in water too, Kajal fell on personal. Gayatri says

Muskaan has made you blind. Ronak says depart it now, we shall cross. Ronak and Muskaan go away. Gayatri takes Kajal together with her. Ronak drops Muskaan. She says i’m able to come domestic by myself, thank you. He goes.Muskaan is given the clothes segment. supervisor asks her to give juice to clients. He says you’re given your responsibilities, it relies upon on you, how you deal with it. cute and Dolly come there and meet her. They hassle Muskaan. Ronak comes there. Muskaan gets surprised.

Gayatri and Bua get Kajal to the medical institution. Kajal asks in which am I, I need to go to dad and mom. Ronak says I just need one attendant. A lady comes to help. Ronak says Muskaan can turn out to be an attendant, she will attend me. manager asks Muskaan to attend Ronak. Ronak says I were given ginger tea for you, it’ll relief your cold. manager says tea isn’t allowed here. Ronak says I idea to do an awful lot purchasing here, first-rate i’m able to move. manager says no, you could have it. Ronak asks him to get water for him, he’s thirsty. manager gets water. Ronak asks him to return after him with the tray. supervisor asks for whom do you need to shop, for yourself or GF. Ronak sees Muskaan.

Gayatri takes Kajal to Dr. Purushottam. Kajal concerns. Gayatri asks him to check Kajal and provide him medicines for her wound. Kajal concerns and says I want to go to washroom. Nurse goes to set up medicines. Ronak says someone unique, she received’t come right here. supervisor asks how are you going to keep for her. Ronak says she is like Muskaan, she is likewise first-class. Muskaan says sorry, i’m able to’t assist. supervisor asks him now not to refuse to patron. Ronak asks her to come back. She asks Muskaan to head and strive the get dressed for him. manager sends Muskaan. Gayatri thank you the physician.

Purushottam says Shantanu had known as me, so I couldn’t refuse, he is a awesome boy, i will do Kajal’s checkup after which i can inform something, don’t tell this to Kajal, I don’t want her to get false hopes. Kajal hears them. Muskaan wears the dress and is derived. lovely and Dolly show their clothes. Ronak says p.c. the entirety. He asks Muskaan to strive some other dress. Nurse takes Kajal. Kajal says I received’t come, get medicine right here. Gayatri asks will we have any desire. Purushottam says i can inform anything after complete reports come, her MRI will display the affect on her mind and lower body paralysis.

Precap Upcoming Muskaan episode update: Kajal gets scared. Ronak says i love you…. Muskaan gets shocked.


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