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The Episode starts with Rakhi scolding Muskaan and Aarti. She says Sujoy is looking after you and your mum, and left me, won’t i am getting angry on him. Muskaan says Sujoy doesn’t regard you his mum. Rakhi says Ronak has paid me to undercover agent on you. Muskaan says inform him that he need to live out of my lifestyles. Rakhi calls Sir ji and tells him that she has put the blame on Ronak as consistent with their plan. Sir ji receives satisfied. He says i will make Muskaan hate Ronak. Muskaan and Aarti come domestic and notice village setup. Muskaan says I forgot i have instructed this too. Aarti says I m tired, i can take a few relaxation now. Muskaan is going to trade. She wears the village garments. She likes the peace.

Ronak and Kajal come home happily. Muskaan asks what’s the meals. Sujoy says it will likely be equipped soon. Sujoy and Muskaan make the food. She likes the meals. She asks him to have it too. Gayatri asks Ronak about his new appearance. He says its Kajal’s fault. Gayatri says its a miracle, she should get a reward. Ronak says yes, she gave me an amazing look, I appear to be a prince right. everyone smiles. Ronak asks did Hanumant come. lovely says no. Ronak thinks where is he today. He says i’ve some imp paintings, i will come. He goes. lovable takes Kajal together with her. Gayatri says now I m positive that Ronak has left his past behind, this relation will deliver Ronak to a good factor in existence. Sir ji thinks my circle of relatives will live satisfied now.

Ronak comes to satisfy Hanumant. He asks Hanumant to talk up, why didn’t he call and come to fulfill. Hanumant says I didn’t understand you may trade a lot, you didn’t inquire from me earlier than going away with Kajal. Ronak says no, I m constantly the equal for you, I need to overlook past and try and move on for mum’s sake. He asks Hanumant to assist him. Hanumant guarantees to guide him and forget Muskaan and Ronak’s past. Ronak says you want inexperienced tea, so I additionally adore it. Sujoy makes meals for Muskaan. Ronak and Kajal spend time at gym. Sujoy wears tee of Muskaan’s call. She laughs seeing his filmi aspect. Days skip. Ronak sees a toffee and thinks of Muskaan. He returns the toffee. AKR welcomes the listeners on his show. Ronak and Sujoy listen his show. AKR says many listeners have told me how they got their enthusiasts, my fourth and closing love mantra is to confess love, cross and confess love, we are able to name two fanatics to the studio to confess love, we could see who receives the chances to confess love and achieve love.

Its morning, all people is around the radio. Sir ji asks what’s going to occur. Gayatri says Ronak has achieved this, he said some thing is going to occur. Suzaine and Jaya come to Muskaan and ask what’s the problem, Sujoy has called them, where is Sujoy. Muskaan says don’t realize, he asked us to sit close to the radio. Sujoy and Ronak meet on the radio station. They get stunned seeing every other. The girl asks Sujoy to take a seat. She asks Ronak to come together with her. AKR welcomes the listeners and sings a song. absolutely everyone hears the radio show. AKR says lets meet Ronak Singh, he is the first listener to admit his love. Sujoy says what’s Ronak doing right here. Suzaine asks did Sujoy name us here to pay attention about Ronak.

Aarti asks Muskaan to take a seat and now not prevent the radio. AKR asks Ronak to speak to his lover now. He asks Ronak the call of his lover. Ronak says I need to offer my coronary heart to Kajal. Kajal and every body smile. Muskaan receives sad. AKR says we are able to name Kajal, you may say your emotions and he or she can give her reply. AKR calls Kajal. He says Ronak might be telling his feelings to you. Ronak says Kajal ji, I understand I m a bizarre guy, i can try to alternate myself, I just want you to be with me, I want to ask you, will you marry me. Kajal gets shocked. all people smiles. Kajal fortuitously cries and says sure….. all and sundry claps. Gayatri says congrats and hugs Kajal. Muskaan says you all don’t get dissatisfied, we simply had a lie between us. AKR says Ronak were given Kajal’s love, congrats to them, our subsequent caller is Sujoy, shall we see if he wins his love. Sujoy comes there inner studio cabin. Ronak leaves. ARK welcomes Sujoy and asks him to mention what’s the name of his lover. Sujoy says Muskaan. Ronak gets bowled over. Aarti and every body smile. Sir ji and his circle of relatives additionally pay attention about Muskaan. Muskaan receives greatly surprised.

Muskaan 2nd February 2019 Written Update Precap: Ronak says neglect the entirety what i’ve informed, it become part of the radio show. Kajal receives shocked. Sujoy says I actually need to marry Muskaan. He proposes Muskaan and makes her put on the hoop.

Muskaan 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update
Muskaan 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

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