Muskaan 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ronak getting attacked. Muskaan shouts Ronak ji… Some time back, Maalik calls Inder and scolds him. He says Muskaan came there and gave her name for elections. Maalik says someone is supporting him, how did you not know this. Maalik says Hukum, ask your men to find them. Hukum calls someone. Ronak and Muskaan see the constables coming behind. The constables ask them to go slow. The goons come there. Ronak takes Muskaan away. They get inside the crowd going in the procession. Ronak tricks the goons. Hanumant comes to meet Ronak. Ronak hugs him. He asks how are you. Hanumant says I m fine, are you fine, no one has seen me coming.

Ronak says we are fine, thanks, you saved us again, if you didn’t send the group of people on time, don’t know what would have happened.

Hanumant says its my duty to serve you. Muskaan says I can’t expect help from anyone. Ronak says we can’t trust anyone here. Hanumant tells him something. FB shows the people coming to meet Muskaan. They ask constable to tell about Muskaan, they want to help her. Hanumant thinks what if Maalik has sent them. He says when I find about them, I will tell you. FB ends.
Hanumant says they want to help us. Muskaan says we should take their help. The lady says maybe people are joining Muskaan. Ronak says I can’t take a chance, Muskaan come along, just leave if you think its something wrong. Hukum sees the election symbol. He says this stick will be good symbol for Amma. Inder asks how will we stop Muskaan. Maalik says my men are everywhere to stop Muskaan from coming to pandal. Ronak and Hanumant meet the people. Muskaan hides and looks on. Kuldeep says Muskaan will trick us, what if they come to pandal. Hukum says no, I will finish their game today. The lady thanks Ronak for saving Deepa. They tell about Hukum and Maalik’s crimes. Ronak thinks to call Muskaan to talk to them, they look genuine.

The lady says I don’t want them to see me, they will not support you then. She goes. The people bow down to Muskaan and say we will make you new sarpanch. Muskaan says thanks, I m very happy that you are with me. The guy says we will do anything you say. Ronak says we have to make election symbol and banner. Hanumant asks what will it be. Muskaan says it will be a free bird coming out from the cage, this symbol will give inspiration to every woman. The guy asks them to come with him to make banners. Saaho says we have come here for the elections, I would like to invite Kamlesh on the stage. Maalik gets a call. The man says Ronak and Muskaan are coming towards pandal, we are ready to catch them. Ronak and Muskaan cross the way.

The goons attack. The guy runs away. Ronak sees the goons with weapons. Amma says no need to hurt each other now, enmity between the villagers is over, my sons have united hands, Hukum Singh and Maalik Singh have united to support me. Hukum and Maalik join hands. Amma asks for their votes. The man says Maalik, Ronak and Muskaan are in our captivity. Maalik smiles. Ronak is hanged down from the tree. The men attack him with the weapons. Ronak gets hurt. Muskaan shouts for help. Ronak catches the weapon to save his life. He cuts his ropes with it and gets down. He fights with the goons. Hukum says Muskaan has run away, she didn’t come till now. Saaho says we shall wait for five mins more. Maalik signs fine. Ronak kicks the goons and fights them. Hanumant comes and beats the goons. He asks Ronak to take Muskaan, the campaign time is ending. Ronak and Muskaan run. Saaho thinks Muskaan won’t come. Ronak comes with Muskaan. Maalik and everyone get shocked.

Precap: Muskaan shows the election symbol. She gets shocked seeing ghungroo on the banner. Maalik says Muskaan is born in a brothel, she is a dancer, she will keep ghungroo as the symbol.


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