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The Episode starts with Maalik seeing the locket and shouting Ronak. He says Ronak is alive, Lakhan is alive. Some time back, Ronak says I request you to stay happy under Maalik’s care, you will get your life partner. She thinks I know you are saying this. She says I respect your emotions and end this matter here. Ronak says Maalik, everything is decided according to you, end this matter, forget the annoyance, command them to celebrate Navratri well.

Maalik says fine, I command the village to celebrate Navratri in a grand way. Saaho says I have an imp announcement, there is a female seat in Sarpanch elections, the women who want to come ahead can register at my office tomorrow. Bua says you got saved today, you need to sign the papers till evening. Saaho says I hope many women participate in elections. Maalik asks Amma to take everyone home. Muskaan sees the locket. Bua and Bunty come. Bua says make Ronak sign on the property papers.

Maalik says I know you are an emotional man, I respect your emotions, I forgive you, don’t do anything again that I don’t forgive you. He says take this as my advice or warning. Ronak says my relatives are troubling me a lot, leave it, I will manage it. Maalik says you refused to marry Muskaan, I can handle your small tension. The man says women are going to stand in elections. Maalik asks Kuldeep and Inder to tell the villagers that no woman will stand in the elections. He picks Ronak’s chain and thinks I will give this to Lakhan when he comes in the pandal for aarti.

Bua and Bunty come in pandal. The man asks them to come with him, its Maalik’s orders. Muskaan sees the men taking Bua and Bunty along. Muskaan thinks Ronak would have got this idea to get rid of them. Maalik comes and says you would have learnt that I can do anything when you challenge me, you won’t have any problem if you stay in peace. He sees her chain. The man says sit in the bus and just go. Bua says I want to tell about Lakhan.

Ronak and Inder go to meet the village man. Inder says if any woman doesn’t stand in the elections, who will win. The man says Maalik will win. Inder says then make sure of it. Maalik stops Muskaan. He snatches her chain and locket. Muskaan says give it back to me. Maalik asks how did you get this. Muskaan says its Ronak’s sign. Maalik joins both the lockets. He gets shocked. Muskaan also gets shocked.

Maalik thinks of Ronak. He shouts Ronak. Muskaan gets scared. Maalik says you cheated me. She falls back. He says I told you, don’t cheat me, you both cheated me, I have raised you. Amma asks what are you saying, who is it. Maalik says Muskaan and Ronak. Amma says her husband Ronak is dead. Maalik says he didn’t die, he is alive, Lakhan is Ronak. Everyone gets shocked.

Maalik says Muskaan kept the truth hidden until now, Lakhan lied that he doesn’t love her, he loves Muskaan and came here. Muskaan cries. Maalik says now I understand, you were saying about love to Ronak, not me, I was foolish and thought you love me, you fooled me. He throws the lockets. Muskaan picks it. Maalik says get Lakhan to me, I want him alive, I will kill him.

Maalik says I will see how Ronak saves you now, I will ruin your respect in front of the village, you won’t be able to show your face to anyone. Muskaan says don’t do this. Maalik drags Muskaan. Ronak beats Kuldeep and asks did it ache. Kuldeep says no. Ronak says just see, he isn’t hurt. Inder gets Maalik’s call. He gets shocked. He scolds Ronak for cheating them.

Inder catches him. Ronak pushes them and runs away. Muskaan runs away to the temple. She turns back and sees Maalik. Maalik pulls her dupatta. Ronak fights Inder. Kuldeep comes. Amma feels bad. Muskaan takes Mata Rani’s Chunri and covers herself. All the women look on and cry. Maalik goes to Muskaan. Someone holds his hand and stops him.

Precap: Ronak gets Inder at gunpoint and takes Muskaan. Maalik threatens them. He asks the men to catch them. Someone comes to Muskaan.


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