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The Episode starts with Gayatri and Bua asking Kajal to simply answer the doctor’s questions. Kajal asks why, I got my wound dealt with. health practitioner says you want boating, however you got harm today, tell me, do you spot any darkness in front of you a few instances, do you get dizzy. Kajal says yes, once in a while it gets black and spinning. He asks do you don’t like eating something. Kajal says yes, but Gayatri continually feeds me. He laughs and says Gayatri loves you. He checks her. Muskaan wears greater clothes. Ronak says its absolutely quality, wear every other one. She is going. Kajal says I need to go domestic. Gayatri says yes, we can move, get tests executed. physician beats on Kajal’s leg to look if it hurts her. Kajal controls her anger and acts that she will’t sense something. She says I need to visit mother and father. He says simply one take a look at more. He asks nurse to take her for MRI.

Kajal says no, we can pass home. Gayatri asks her to move for small take a look at, don’t be scared. Kajal receives helpless and is going. Muskaan wears some other get dressed and springs. Ronak says you don’t appearance salesgirl. supervisor says she is our intern, she can get marks through her performance. Ronak says she looks like a barbie doll, reading in university. He asks her to try greater clothes. manager asks Dolly and adorable to decide some thing for them. adorable says no thanks, we are able to cross and change. Ronak says Muskaan looks like a model. Muskaan asks am i able to wear my uniform now. Ronak says attempt that dress, go. Kajal says I don’t want to get this check completed. Gayatri says don’t get scared, come. Muskaan tries many attire. Ronak buys all of the dresses. He says those clothes are for someone unique, teach a few manners in your intern, I want a thanks from her. Muskaan thank you Ronak. He asks her to smile, she will be able to get more marks. She smiles and says thanks. He says Muskaan, its involved in you. She says I don’t want this. He asks why. He asks manager to put the purchasing in her sales goal. He can pay for the dresses. Muskaan says I don’t need the attire. Ronak asks shall I cancel it, let the manager p.c. it. Ronak says we can accept the parcel whilst you receive via heart. He leaves.

Kajal gets MRI completed. She thinks how to prevent the reviews now, Gayatri is doing this on Shantanu’s saying. physician says reports will come to my house, i’m able to have a look at and let you know. Kajal asks for water. She goes to his cabin. She gets doctor’s address. Hanumant asks how are you going to advise Muskaan. Ronak says no need of shopping, Muskaan didn’t like all get dressed, I sense this love is a problem, she continually falls in trouble, how shall I say it. Hanumant asks won’t you inform her anything. Ronak says I tried to inform her, which is the way left now, where shall I write that i like her. He gets an idea. Gayatri receives Kajal domestic and asks her to have an apple. She says i can just come, i’m able to make tea for myself. Kajal receives angry and thinks what to do now. She asks Gayatri to sleep together with her nowadays. She adds tablet in her tea. Gayatri beverages the tea. She falls asleep. Muskaan sees Ronak and receives indignant. He asks her to concentrate.

She asks what become the want to do all that. He says so what, I want to guide you, don’t get irritated, you should be satisfied. She says Kajal is on my own at home, I ought to move domestic. He stops her to speak. She asks what’s it. Kajal says Gayatri fainted, now i’m able to do my work. She gets up and says its time to address a person. She takes an injection along with her. She shuts the door. medical doctor says I just got here domestic, reviews will come, Shantanu you furthermore may come domestic. Shantanu agrees. Muskaan asks what do you need to say. Hanumant asks Ronak to mention it. Ronak says you’re a Pataka. She asks what’s this misbehavior. The guys catch Ronak and scold him for misbehavior. Ronak shouts i love you Muskaan, and pushes the guys away. She stops and turns to see. Ronak looks at her.

Precap: Muskaan and Ronak run to each different. He says i like you.


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