Muskaan 3rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bua says we got spared, we will proceed to plan for Teej. Counterfeit Sir ji comes to room. Sir ji awakens and sees him. He gets stunned and says you are the one arranging against me, I won’t leave you. Counterfeit Sir ji assaults him. Sir ji gets spared. The phony Sir ji comes up short on the room. Sir ji pursues him. He yells. Everybody comes and asks what occurred. Sir ji says my carbon copy is assaulting me. Ronak comes and asks what occurred, his psychological state isn’t fine. He gets Sir ji to emergency clinic. He says his psychological state isn’t fine, he is yelling for assistance, he is stating somebody will slaughter him. Specialist says he has a mental issue, don’t stress, it happens on account of pressure, give him medications on schedule. Sir ji says no, I m fine. Specialist says prescriptions are pixie. Ronak says we will give him medications quietly, make him fine.

Ronak and Gayatri get Sir ji to his room. Sir ji dozes. Ronak goes to Muskaan. They snicker. He got Muskaan to their room. Ronak embraces her and says pardon me for my mix-up. She says don’t apologize. He says I yelled on you before everybody, I didn’t need you to tell anything before Sir ji. She says I can’t feel awful of your words, its alright. He says fine, reveal to me what’s the issue, nobody will irritate. She says Ronak ji, I needed to disclose to you that… . Sir ji is your genuine father. He gets stunned. She says Sir ji is your organic dad, during the sequential executioner case, we took everybody’s Dna test, I got Sir ji’s example from stogie tried, your and Sir ji’s Dna coordinated, this occurs

Ronak says when there is blood relations. He cries and blows up. He says what a man, who cheats possess child, he tallied supports on me and brought up issue on my personality to satisfy his intentions, he is such a fallen man, I detest him. Muskaan says quiet down. He says I despise myself that I m his child, he isn’t consistent with anybody, he grabbed my personality, presence, everything, I will utilize his character against him, simply observe what I do, he has stirred the resting lion, Sir ji will himself do this now, he will lose his psychological parity, he will go distraught that he will get terrified of his own shadow, it will be fun in the game. He goes to the make up craftsman. Muskaan demonstrates Sir ji’s pic. Ronak asks would you be able to make me like him. The man says why not, this is my work. Ronak says fine, I will change and come. He goes to change. Ronak wears Sir ji’s garments and sits for the counterfeit look. The man makes a cover. Muskaan gets stunned seeing Ronak in Sir ji’s look. Muskaan says Ronak ji, you look like Sir ji. Ronak says now there will be entertaining. The man says this cosmetics will liquefy as a result of stickiness and warmth, it will remain for 60 minutes, be cautious. He gives the clock to Ronak. Ronak checks opportunity and arrives back in pressure. The man says I will do the finish up, your mystery won’t turn out, its done. FB closes. Ronak grins. Muskaan says everything occurred as we suspected. Ronak says indeed, even tomorrow, it will occur as we suspected on teej.

Precap: Muskaan focuses firearm at Sir ji. Sir ji yells on her. Muskaan says I will kill you and rebuff you today. Ronak comes before Sir ji and gets shot by her.


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