Muskaan 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ronak asking Saaho to give them a chance to speak. Hukum asks him to leave. Saaho asks Muskaan to come on the stage. Muskaan says I m contesting in the elections and my election symbol is….. Muskaan shows the banner. They all get shocked seeing the ghungroo. Saaho asks why did you keep this. Maalik says when she is a dancer, then ghungroo will be the symbol. He says this girl is a dancer, born in a brothel. Everyone gets shocked. Hukum asks Ronak did he get a shock. Muskaan recalls the past.

The man says if we didn’t support them, they would have killed us. Maalik says everyone has its own place, cap suits the head and slipper suits the feet, she can’t become Sarpanch, she deserves no respect, I saved her from the brothel. The people talk. Maalik says she trappedme and then when I got her here, she played the same game with me, Hukum and Inder. Ronak shouts shut up.

He says Muskaan didn’t play any game with anyone, she is very much pure charactered like Ganga, she will always be pure. Muskaan looks at him. Muskaan says I hope you got peace by ruining my character, you always insult a person, but I will not be quiet. The man asks did you come from a brothel or not, tell me. Muskaan gets silent. Ronak says give a chance to her. Hukum says no need, we got to know it already, you tell me, should we give her a good post or not. The man says no. Ronak shouts Hukum. Muskaan says stop it, just listen to me once. Ronak thinks to take security to run from here. Saaho says sorry Muskaan I can’t help you. Ronak says come with me, we have to leave with Saaho. They rush and leave on the bike, while Saaho leaves in the car. Ronak sees Hanumant caught by the villagers.

He thinks forgive me, I have to leave you in anger and go unwillingly. Maalik looks on and says till when will they run, they don’t know its impossible to get saved from me. Muskaan does Ronak’s aid. She says I feel I have become a curse for you. Ronak says no, you are the hope of my life, I get strength from you, this doesn’t matter, don’t cry. She asks about Hanumant. He says he got trapped while saving us, I m worried for him. She says our last hope also broke. The lady says its not your mistake, don’t lose hope, you are our hope. She gets food for them. She says there will be Sita haran play today, people will come and clap, but not learn anything from it.

The pandal has everyone present. The man asks everyone to see Sita haran play. Everyone claps. Ronak takes the girl away. Muskaan comes on the stage as Sita. A man comes laughing as Raavan. He says I will take you with me. Muskaan says leave me, I m just of Ram. Raavan says you are just mine, if you refuse, I will take you with me to Lanka. Maalik gets shocked seeing Muskaan as Sita and Raavan with his face mask. Everyone looks on shocked. Maalik asks what’s this bad joke. Hukum says kick out Muskaan. Saaho says be quiet, I want to see this drama. Raavan attacks the bird and takes Sita with him. She gets caged.

Muskaan says just leave me, Ronak ji where are you, free me from here. Ronak comes as Ram and calls out Muskaan. He says your Ram has come to save you, where are you. She says I m here, Maalik is Raavan, he caged me here without my wish. Ronak says we will tell you the story of Kalyug’s Sita haran, how this Raavan had trapped Sita, Saaho you also listen, Maalik has bought Muskaan for 5 crores, he threatened her that he will kill our families, he got her here in his Lanka. Muskaan says its true that I was a dancer, and lived in brothel, I was helpless, a Raavan caged me there against my wish, I lost all hopes, but Ronak came in my dark life as a light, he held my hand.

Ram says we started living our life, we didn’t know this Maalik will come in our lives and take Muskaan away. Sita says Ronak has come after me to take me safely from Lanka. Ronak says I tried hard to leave from here and go, but this didn’t happen, I got trapped in Maalik’s Chakravyuh. Saaho gets angry seeing Maalik. Ronak says like Muskaan, you all are caged here, your mum, sister, daughter and bahu are also trapped, what happened to you, can you feel the freedom, no, you are living caged, why can’t you feel our state. The people bow down their heads. Ronak asks will you live like this and die one day, will no one say anything here.

Precap: Saaho says Maalik justice will happen now. She asks Nekchand to arrest him. Nekchand apologizes and arrests Maalik. Ronak sees Muskaan.


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