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The Episode begins with Sujoy telling his senior approximately his marriage. He says i’m able to manage the whole lot off duty. Senior congratulates him. They meet the commissioner. Sujoy receives a responsibility to control minister’s safety at the jewelry exhibition. Sujoy concurs. He calls Muskaan and asks her to come back to exhibition, they will choose mangalsutra there. Aarti and Muskaan meet Jaya and Suzaine and invite them in Muskaan’s Sangeet. Suzaine says it will likely be awesome fun. Tabassum comes. Aarti says I recognise you aren’t happy with us, however I understand there has been a time whilst you regarded me your daughter, its Muskaan’s marriage. Rakhi comes to taunt them. Suzaine says Muskaan and Sujoy have become married. Rakhi gets greatly surprised. She scolds Muskaan for trapping Sujoy. Tabassum stops Rakhi.

Muskaan answers Rakhi. She praises Sujoy’s love for her. She asks Rakhi to turn out to be part of Sujoy’s wedding. She invitations Rakhi in Sangeet. She says neglect the whole thing and are available to bless us. Rakhi scolds her. Sujoy welcomes the minister. He greets him. He sees Sir ji coming there. Sir ji smiles seeing him. He says you got very sensible now, when is the wedding. Sujoy says three days. Sir ji says you’re right here on duty, you must be busy in shopping. Sujoy says I m doing my obligation to cozy minister. Sir ji says its appropriate. Sujoy sees Ronak and circle of relatives coming. He receives indignant. Minister inaugurates the exhibition. Muskaan and Aarti come there.

Hanumant feels hungry. Ronak sees Muskaan. He collides together with her. They see every different. Sujoy is going to minister. Hanumant says simply some thing will appear now. Muskaan scolds Ronak and goes beforehand.

Ronak says she hates me loads, even greater than Sir ji, i can tell her the truth, then she will cross her very own route, i’m able to’t endure her hatred, i can give up it. Muskaan calls Sujoy. She asks Aarti now not to think something. They cross to test some designs. Muskaan sees Gayatri and gets sad. Gayatri and Kajal see her and get greatly surprised. Gayatri recollects Muskaan’s fact. Aarti says I m Muskaan’s mum, you have continually taken care of Muskaan, you have given her a lot love like a mom. Gayatri asks what did your daughter supply in return, cheat? She gets irritated and turns. Muskaan falls down. Gayatri runs to help her. Muskaan appears at her. Gayatri cares for her and asks her to walk carefully. She sees Kajal and receives away. She goes. Ronak appears on.

Muskaan 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Muskaan says Ronak isn’t leaving me. Aarti says I think he surely loves you. Muskaan says he simply loves himself. Aarti asks do you… Muskaan says I hate him.

Muskaan 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Main Cast is as under

Yesha Rughani ( Muskaan Bose/Muskaan Raunak Singh )

Sonakshi Save ( Muskaan Bose )

Sharad Malhotra ( Raunak Singh )

Sudesh Berry ( Teerath Singh/Sir Ji/Singh Saab )

Karam Rajpal ( Sujoy )

Tanu Khan ( Kajal )

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