Muskaan 6th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ronak seeing Kajal and Muskaan drowsing. He sees the ceiling fan. He recollects how Kajal had risked Muskaan’s lifestyles. Its morning, Ronak asks the technician about the fan. the man says its something bizarre, someone had compromised this pin, that’s why the fan had fallen down. Ronak gets taken aback. Kajal comes and asks who become this uncle. Ronak says that uncle got here to restore a new fan to your room. Kajal asks will you play with me. Ronak says no, you’re taking rest. Hanumant comes to satisfy Ronak. Kajal thinks why is Ronak performing so weird. Kajal irritates Hanumant. Ronak asks Hanumant to come. Muskaan asks Kajal to come back and have breakfast. Ronak says I experience Kajal is behind all this, on every occasion I attempt to provide wonder to Muskaan, Kajal reaches there and spoils the whole lot. He tells Hanumant what all he found about Kajal.

Ronak says perhaps Shantanu’s doubt about Kajal is proper. Hanumant says I also sense so, what is going to we do now. Muskaan asks Kajal to complete the food. She sends the breakfast for Ronak and Hanumant. Ronak says i have prepared a party for Kajal, we will get one danger to get her reality out. Hanumant asks what are you questioning. Ronak says I must lay a trap for Kajal, I should give her a threat to take Muskaan’s existence. Hanumant asks why, Kajal will kill Muskaan. Ronak says you’re silly, I felt we are clever, but Kajal is more smart, you’ll be in Muskaan’s place, we can play a game, I recognize Kajal will pick out Muskaan, i will blindfold all people and you’ll come as a substitute Muskaan. Hanumant worries. Ronak says if Kajal is performing, she will be able to attack Muskaan, you gained’t die, knife could be fake. Hanumant says you scared me. Ronak says its my plan. Kajal comes there and calls Ronak as Papa. He gets greatly surprised.

She gives him the tea. Muskaan comes there. She says Kajal turned into insisting that she can get tea for you. Kajal asks what were you talking, why did you get quiet seeing me, are you making plans a marvel for me. Ronak says nothing. Kajal asks how will I dance on wheelchair. Muskaan says you are our rockstar. Kajal hears the recording on her cellphone. She learns Ronak’s plan. Muskaan asks do you want something. Kajal asks her to get watermelon juice. Muskaan is going. Kajal says I did lots to get your love, I killed many human beings and you’re doubting on me. Muskaan receives watermelon juice for her. Kajal acts and demands them that she wants to go out. they all try to prevent her. Kajal insists. Gayatri asks adorable and Bunty to take Kajal and get her a very good dress. Kajal receives satisfied. Muskaan asks Kajal to take care.

Precap: Muskaan and Ronak dance in party. Kajal thinks to kill Muskaan. Ronak receives stunned hearing Muskaan’s scream.


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