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The Episode starts offevolved with Muskaan and Kajal checking jewelry. Muskaan says I heard you and Ronak have become married. She apologizes to her. She says congrats for your marriage. Kajal says thank you, congrats to you as well. Muskaan says yes, I m marrying Sujoy. Kajal says don’t come back in our lives, leave. Muskaan gets sad. everyone hears approximately a bomb and run. Sujoy asks the workforce to cowl up for the minister. He goes to test. Kajal runs to Gayatri. Muskaan is going to Aarti. Ronak holds Muskaan’s hand and takes her alongside. She asks him to go away her.

Aarti takes Gayatri and Kajal with her. Sir ji asks Sujoy to leave the duty and visit Muskaan. He says Ronak can do whatever, he is crazy, will you store the minister or Muskaan. Ronak takes Muskaan with him. She says I m hurt, go away me. He asks why do you hate me, what did I do. Muskaan says you cheated me, you kept Aarti faraway from me, you probably did similar to Sir ji, what shall I do, how shall I overlook this. Ronak says listen to me once. She asks why, did you are making a brand new story, you are Sir ji’s son, you already know lying, you learnt this from your dad, I don’t want to hear some thing. He says shut up, pay attention to me, I had saved Aarti however I simply….

Sujoy points gun at Ronak. Muskaan says Sujoy…. Sujoy says leave Muskaan. He threatens Ronak. Ronak says you can shoot me, i’m able to inform the truth nowadays. Ronak sees Muskaan. Muskaan says if you have respected me ever, then leave me. Ronak leaves her. Sujoy makes them away. he takes Muskaan with him. Ronak appears at them. Hanumant comes. The police says there’s no bomb right here, its just a rumor. Minister leaves with police. The people run out. Ronak sees Muskaan going and gets sad. Gayatri asks Kajal to come back. Muskaan asks Sujoy to move for his duty. He says i can drop you home. She says no, simply go, i will control. He says name me in case you face any trouble on the way.

Sir ji involves Ronak and says you proved that you could do whatever, I recognize you have got spread this fake bomb rumor to satisfy Muskaan, she is of someone else now, Sujoy loves her, allow them to be happy. Ronak scolds him and asks him to prevent the drama. Sir ji asks him to think of Gayatri. Ronak says our relation is useless, every body is aware of I maintain my promise, I promised Gayatri that i will marry Kajal, i will do that. He is going. Inspector asks Sujoy wherein did he move leaving minister, have been you defensive a woman. Sujoy says she changed into my might be spouse. Inspector says keep circle of relatives and obligation aside, else i will take strict motion towards you. He is going. Muskaan comes domestic and is sad. Aarti asks are you happy with this marriage, are you hiding some thing from me, inform me. Muskaan cries and hugs her. She tells about Ronak. Aarti asks do you love him. Muskaan says I hate him. Aarti says I suppose he actually loves you. Muskaan says no, he simply loves himself, he is Sir ji’s son, I just have hatred for him.

Muskaan 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Ronak says simply solution me, why do you hate me so much, I had saved Aarti, but I didn’t intend terrible. Muskaan asks Ronak to depart from her lifestyles.

Muskaan 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Main Cast is as under

Yesha Rughani ( Muskaan Bose/Muskaan Raunak Singh )

Sonakshi Save ( Muskaan Bose )

Sharad Malhotra ( Raunak Singh )

Sudesh Berry ( Teerath Singh/Sir Ji/Singh Saab )

Karam Rajpal ( Sujoy )

Tanu Khan ( Kajal )

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