Naagin 3 10th March 2019 Written Updates: Bela See Hukum Face

Naagin 3 10th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naagin 3 10th March 2019 episode starts with Bela and Mahir taking wedding vows. Mahir fills Bela’s hairline with sindur and makes her wear the mangalsutra.

Bela indicates the property papers to Sumitra and states that she owns 1/2 of the property as in line with Andy’s will.

Bela remembers her beyond recollections with Mahir on reaching her room. She says she cannot stay without him. Mahir says he will in no way depart her.

Bela says she has to fulfil the three conditions of Lord Shiva to crack Huzoor and Hukum’s thriller.

Ruhi asks fake Krish aka Juhi to go to Bela and confuse her. She gives a liquid to him and asks him to mix a drop of it in Bela’s meals each day.

Juhi comes to Bela and informs her about Ruhi’s plan. Bela and Mahir head toward Ruhi.

Sumitra learns that Ruhi has long past to meet Hukum. She asks Yuvi to hold a test. Yuvi comes to Krish’s room.

Mahir and Bela reach Ruhi’s mystery place. They fail to enter the Zinda cave.

Yuvi sees Juhi’s picture on the replicate. He feels that Krish has bribed Juhi to end up his lookalike.

Bela makes a decision to go into the cave. Mahir stops her.

Bela convinces him and enters the cave disguised as a butterfly.

Hukum tells Huzoor about the 3 conditions which Bela has to satisfy. He states that the first condition for Bela is to enter the cave.

The second circumstance is to look at his face.

Yuvi involves Bela’s room. He reveals Mahir and Bela in the washroom. Yuvi questions Krish about Juhi. faux Krish manipulates Yuvi.

fake Krish and Bela are Vikrant and Vish who did all this to idiot Yuvi.

Hukum traps butterfly, Bela. Bela comes in her unique avatar. Bela hits Huzoor and Hukum. Bela sees Hukum’s face.

Huzoor and Hukum disappear earlier than Bela should complete the third circumstance.

all of sudden, Bela receives trapped in the fireplace. Mahir feels that Bela is in threat and gets concerned about her.

Mahir enters the cave to save Bela. Mahir fails to peer the hearth. Bela says that is a mystical heart. Mahir jumps inside the fireplace circle.

Mahir rescues Bela from the fire. the 2 lands in a pool of water. Bela and Mahir spend romantic moments together.

Precap The written episode of season 3 Naagin episode: Yuvi doubts Krish.


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