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Naagin 3 Written Update 17 March 2019: Bela takes bigger risk to bring the truth to the fore. He takes the form of hujoor, however, the real hijoor attacks Raui as soon as the truth comes out.

Naagin 3 goes to meet Ravi Yuvraj in the latest episode. Yuvraj asks Rohan if he has really married the master because he saw her husband romancing Bella. Raui is suspicious. Juvenirs change their incarnation to prove Yuvraj and Krish comes in front of Raui.

Later, Rohini, the article and Yuvraj saw Krish becoming a juvenile and they know the reality. The trio once again questioned Rafi and questioned about Krish. On this, Ravi speaks of bringing the truth to his magical ring. Even before he could do that, the real master and the farm changed the place by shutting the lights. In such a way, when Rohan uses the ring, he gets the master

Rohi writes the article and Rohini with the help of Sumitra and Yuvraj to go to the house to complete the plan. Ruhi tries to get closer to master. Vikrant takes the form of a companion of a hujoor and tells Raui that they both have to go to Mount Sumaru.

Bela drinks the medicine found in Rohey’s room and tells the truth. The master stops at it, Bella tries to convince him that in this manner the plan of spades will be known.

Bela and Vishakha also go to the Mount Sumeru and decide to go to capture Ruhi. Bella leaves the idea of ​​drinking medicine, who snatches his power. Bela takes the form of hujoor so that she can be cheated. She realizes that Huzur wants to be physically with Bela, so that she gives birth to her baby. The child who has this will be omnipotent. As soon as Rohan tells this truth, the real Hukur comes there and attacks him.

Hujoor attacks Vikrant and gives Bella a drink. Vikrant tries to save Bela but the fellow captives attack on him. Bella takes the incarnation of the serpent Hujoor threatens to harm Vishakha.

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