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Vish asking Bela to do it quick as they hold Tamsee. Sumitra lights the match stick and tosses it on the haveli. The haveli begins consuming from outside. Bela tells that when she peruses the mantras, an exceptional light will turn out, it will fall on Tamsee. She requests that they rehash the mantra which she says. They see fire outside the haveli. Bela says once this puja occurs, there is no reason to worry. Vish says nothing will happen to Tamsee. Bela says we are doing this for Tamsee’s security and requests that they tell the mantra hearing her. Tamsee requests that they abandon her hand. Vish says only couple of more mins. Bela asks Vish to focus on mantra and says extremely before long light will turn out from here. Tamsee sincerely coerces Vish and discloses to her that this man (Vikrant) will slaughter me and

Revealed to me that I am Hukum’s girl, he needed to me to kick the bucket and that is the reason he is consuming me. vish says you will be fine after this. Tamsee tells that her hands are not working. Vish alarms when Tamsee swoons and she opens her hand. Bela asks her not to open her hand and keeps on discussing the mantra. Tamsee opens her eyes and gazes at the flame. She pushes Vish and makes her tumble down. Vikrant attempts to get her. Tamsee pushes him too. Bela requests that they get her. Tamsee applauds and makes the weapons flies in air and hits them. They stow away and attempt to secure them, yet blade cuts on Vikrant’s leg. Mahir gets the blade from hitting Bela. Bela asks Tamsee to stop. Tamsee makes the column fall on Mahir. Bela is stunned. Tamsee is leaving haveli. Bela attempts to stop her. Tamsee takes a gander at her with bruised eyes. Rohini says might be Aghori did the puja. Sumitra says it can’t occur, and requests that they take a gander at Tamsee who is leaving fire, and says she has turned out to be progressively insidious. Bela endeavors to save mahir and attempts to move the enormous column with her hands, however she proved unable. She calls Vish and Vikrant. Vikrant asks Vish to get up. They go to bela. Bela turns out to be half snake and pushes the column. They help Mahir get up.

Tamsee goes to her room. Sumitra calls her and asks what do she believe that they have kicked the bucket in haveli. Rohini requests that they take a gander at the toys and says they are all in line. Tamsee says right, they all must have passed on. They leave haveli. Bela inquires as to whether he is fine. Mahir says everything is destroyed. Vish says how to make Tamsee better at this point. Tamsee hits the dolls with toy vehicle. Sumitra asks her not to slaughter Bela and says she needs her. Tamsee says she needs Bela. Bela reveals to Vish that Tamsee needs something from her. Vish says why she would have abandoned us there. Bela says that Tamsee realized that we as a whole will be spared and was grinning while at the same time leaving.

Tamsee advises that she needs Naagmani to turn out to be all the more dominant. Rohini inquires as to for what reason do you need Naagmani. Tamsee says she needs that control after which no one can crush her and that is the reason she made Naagrani alive for Naagmani. Mahir says she needs Naagmani. Vikrant says indeed, even Hukum needed it. Bela says precisely as my little girl will reserve the option to get Naagmani. She expresses gratitude toward Vish. Mahir says now Aghori baba is no more. Vikrant says who will support us. Bela says we need to return home with the goal that we can think about their arrangement.

Alek and Rohini serve sustenance to Tamsee. Entryway chime rings. Sumitra opens the entryway and sees Bela, Mahir, Vish and Vikrant, and requests that they go ahead. Vish says we will follow overcoming you. Sumitra says you are resembling Bholenath’s bhakt. Bela requests that her leave from their way before she gets furious. Tamsee comes there and snickers… She asks did you overlook what I did in haveli, you was spared from death. Her voice echoes while she talks. Bela says your arrangement bombed, however we won’t let our arrangement come up short and won’t let your decency bite the dust. Rohini says your aghori passed on while slaughtering her underhandedness. Sumitra says they didn’t have mind. Tamsee says they are even now confident. Bela says you will comprehend subsequent to growing up. Tamsee asks do you think I am a youngster and winds up goliath stunning them. She asks them not to do error to think her as a youngster and says I am a villain and no one can confront my shrewd forces. Bela ends up monster with her snake body. She says I was supposing you as a kid up to this point, however the villain inside you don’t comprehend the language of adoration. Tamsee requests that her battle with her and take out the fallen angel inside her. She says lets see who has more power goodness or wickedness. Bela says we should see today. Tamsee makes her eyes dark and chuckles. Bela likewise makes her eyes dim.

Later Bela tells everybody that they have another method for get hold of Tamsee. She says once she turns 18 years, at that point her development will stop and tells that consistently, she develops and her capacity increments. She says she should be helpless when her capacity increments. Mahir brings the CCTV film of the considerable number of rooms. Bela says it isn’t great. Mahir says just relatives have the entrance to the recording. He says we need to watch 24 hours video. Vishs ays first we will see. Tamsee makes Sumitra and others move in the video. Vish says Tamsee is making chudails move. They watch the recording. Tamsee tosses the pads on floor. Vish says she isn’t dozing, mischievous and detestable.

Bela goes to restroom. Mahir takes a gander at her. Vish and Vikrant see Tamsee hitting the sack. Vish says we will note down the time. Simply then she gets up from bed. Mahir asks Bela not to turn out washroom as he is evolving. He makes courses of action to shock her. She turns out. Mahir demonstrates the crates and lifts box one by one… tere sang pyaar me… .plays… .Bela sees a bean… .Mahir says infant must be of this size and keeps bean on her belly. Bela checks the container and finds a plum. Mahir says our infant will be of this size. Bela asks from where you are learning. Mahir says google. Bela sees next watermelon. Mahir says child will be of this size. Bela says she will wind up fat. Mahir says you will sparkle so much and don’t require even a light. Bela says you won’t care for me at that point. Mahir says these eyes like just you and says he will gaze her. He says he couldn’t astonish her since child came, and couldn’t keep her glad. He says he respected the child. Bela says you invited actually well, both are glad.

He says one moment and makes bloom petals shower on her… Bela grins. Mahir twirls her. Tune plays… ..He brings another blessing. Bela asks what number of endowments you will give me today. Mahir says these blessings are nothing infront of your blessing which you will give me. She finds a dress for her and child. She embraces Mahir. Vish and Vikrant come there. Vish says we will do another move. Bela requests that they come inside. Vish takes a gander at the garments and says this is unfit for you. Bela grins. Vikrant picks plum and says he will eat. Bela asks him not to eat that. Vish holds it back and says she will make something for him. Vikrant asks what is the issue on the off chance that I eat that. Mahir requests CD. Vikrant gives CD and they leave room.

Mahir says sorry to learn and says I couldn’t arrange a legitimate gathering. Bela says our gathering is done, world’s charming gathering. They embrace one another. They watch the CD and think Tamsee didn’t rest throughout the night. Bela says from where she gets so much vitality. Rohini comes and offers something to Tamsee to drink. Tamsee drinks it. Bela asks Mahir to interruption and calls Vish requesting that her come. She requests that they take note. Vikrant says might be it is milk. Bela says it is some natural fluid with which Tamsee gets some quality and advises that it was given to her before nightfall.

Precap Upcoming Naagin 3 Episode Update: Tamsee assaults Sumitra and she tumbles down. Mahir discloses to Bela that he supposes they will isolate after today. Bela goes to Bholenath to spare Mahir.


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