Naagin 3 21st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nagin 3 21 April episode begins with Bela and her companions going to Tamsi’s space to obtain some much needed education about the invention. Bela adds that we should prevent Tamsi from drinking it.

Vishaka fears for Tamsi. Bela says she will never successfully hurt Tamsi.

A few snakes come to Bela and welcome her for their extraordinary puja. They address her to be the most dominant individual around.

Tamsi gets irate on them for applauding Bela. She expresses that she will go to the puja to refute their cases.

Bela, Vishaka, Mahir, and Vikrant find out about Rohini setting up the beverage for Tamsi.

Vikrant revels Rohini in his discussions while Bela and Vishaka supplant the blend. All of a sudden, Sumitra comes and fizzles their arrangement.

Rohini erroneously spills the mixture on the floor. Tamsi gets irate on Sumitra and companions. Tamsi grabs their forces to pick up vitality.

Bela approaches her companions to prepare for the following dimension of their arrangement. Mahir is strained for Bela’s wellbeing.

Bela comforts him.

Mahir states that he is having an inclination that soon they will get isolated. Bela counters him by saying that they are everlasting sweethearts.

Bela and her companions, just as Tamsi alongside Rohini and Alekh, go to the puja setting. Bela asks Tamsi to join her.

In the interim in Nagin3, Bela compromises Tamsi that she will consume her in akhand fire, on the off chance that she won’t go with her to the cavern. Tamsi counters her by demonstrating him Mahir, who is kidnapped by her.

Tamsi derides at Bela by saying that she will toss Mahir in the blaze. Bela endeavors to prevent Vishaka and Vikrant from shooting the flame bolts.

Bela neglects to stop them. Vishaka and Vikrant get stunned to see Mahir on the crane machine, which Sumitra is driving.

Bela yells for help to spare Mahir. Tamsi assaults every one of the snakes present there.

Precap Upcoming Naagin season 3 episode update: Bela demands Lord Shiva to offer Naagmani to her.


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