Naagin 3 21st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Specializes in ‘Naagin 3’, Bella, Poison and Vikrant havn to eliminate the bad powers of Tamasi but he runs away from Havan. Now they want to control him so that he becomes weak and can not get the snake.

In the latest episode of Naagin 3 , Bella, Mihir, Poison and Vikrant havana havana to save the blind from evil forces, but Sumitra sets fire to that mansion. Much (Tamasi) blackmails the toxin to leave itself, because it does not want to leave its bad powers. He runs away from the havan by pushing toxin. Tamsi ruins the house, causing Vikrant and poison to get injured. He runs away from the mansion while Bella tries to find venom, Vikrant and master in the debris of the mansion . Sumitra, the graph, and Rohini, are surprised to see Tamsi outside the mansion and look good.

Coming to the house, Sumitra asks Tamsi whether Bella, Poison, Mihir and Vikrant have died. Bela feels that Tamasi has deliberately left her alive because she wanted to show her powers. Sumitra gets confused with Tamasi’s revelations. Bela wants to protect her from going into wrong hands. He does not want that Nagmani Hukum, Tamasi or Sumitra’s hand. In the meantime, Rohini and the artists try to propagate Tamasi in the bungalow.

Bela, Mihir, Poison and Vikrant return home, and seeing them alive, Tamsi is shocked. Bela says to Tamasi that her plan has failed because those people were saved alive by the grace of Goddess. When Bella teases Tamasi, she comes in her big form and Bela also comes in her serial form.

In the evening, Vikrant, Poison, master and Bela try to know the CCTV footage when Tamasi sleeps. Bela and Master know that Tamasi has been given a drink because of which she does not sleep. Stay connected to know what happens next, with the


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