Naagin 3 23rd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Bela. She actions out of the health facility and reaches out to the stranger who saved her lifestyles. Bela receives stunned to see Krish as he’s a glance-alike of Mahir.

Bela faints in Krish’s arms. Krish takes her to the health center. On gaining aware, Bela addresses Krish as Mahir.

Krish questions Bela approximately her kidnappers. Bela refuses to reply him. Krish counts his favors on her.

Vikrant and Vishaka meet Bela. Vishaka mistakes Krish as Mahir. Bela informs Vishaka that he’s Krish.

a few goons come and assault Krish. all of sudden, Vish, Bela, and Vikrant come there. Vikrant saves Krish from the goons.

The trio takes Krish together with them to Sehgal house. Bela tells Andy and Kuhu that he isn’t Mahir however just his appearance alike.

Bela remembers Mahir’s reminiscences whilst she takes Krish to his room.

Vishaka and Vikrant try to console Bela and share her ache. Bela says she can’t be satisfied anymore as Mahir has gone all the time.

Krish overhears their conversation.

Bela receives worried approximately seeing Krish’s wound. She learns that he is not a firefighter but nonetheless saved her lifestyles. Krish says he is the proprietor of the belongings wherein she changed into caught.

Krish decides to stroll away. but Bela stops him.

Vishaka and Vikrant decide to talk to Aghori baba approximately Sumitra’s new plan. Bela additionally informs them about Huzoor.

Bela sees Krish with someone and makes a decision to check. She doubts Krish and his injury. She comes to the room and gets bowled over to peer Krish inside the room.

Bela involves haveli to meet Vishaka and Vikrant. She reveals no one there.

Sumitra and Huzoor are hiding in the constructing. Sumitra talks to herself that Bela will soon get trapped.

Bela feels that a person is gambling an evil sport together with her.

Vishaka and Vikrant are stranded in a jungle. Bela receives concerned approximately Vishaka and Vikrant. She later hears the voice of a been in Sehgal residence.

Andy and Kuhu pressure Bela to go through a scientific checkup.

Sumitra comes to Sehgal residence at the side of Huzoor’s guys.

The physician doing the scientific checkup is a snake. Bela sees Kuhu and Andy in a peculiar kingdom. She doubts the health practitioner.

Bela throttles the health practitioner. The physician informs her that she is simply following a person’s instructions. She says some thing massive goes to manifest.

Sumitra enters Sehgal residence at the quit of Nagin3.
The evil Naagin is up for something big as revealed by the doctor in today’s episode of Naagin3 serial.

Krish helps Bela to hide from the Sumitra and her gang. Bela thanks him for saving her life. Also, she shows her Naagin avatar to Krish.

Later in the Nagin 3 preview, we saw Krish and Bela fighting off with the ichchadhari snakes.

Some snakes try to corner Bela and attack her, but Krish comes and saves her. Krish stabs the man who tries to kill Bela.

Will Bela and Krish be able to fight Sumitra and Huzoor in Nagin3?

Let’s find out in the coming episodes of Naagin3 series.


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