Naagin 3 24th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Today’s Episode f Naagin 3 features a big fight between Bela-Krish and Sumitra, Huzoor Sahab and her goons.

In Colors TV’s much loving and popular show, Naagin three 24th February 2019 Sunday’s episode, Sumitra comes in Sehgal’s residence with goons of Huzoor Sahab. Evil Sumitra comes there to kill Bela as she wats to close her chapter completely. On the opposite aspect, Bela is in surprise to look a doppelganger of her love Mahir. Many enthusiasts agree with that he is a real Mahir whilst he informed Bela that his call is Krish and that he isn’t always Mahir. when Sumitra comes at Sehgal’s residence to kill Bela, Krish manages to shield Bela by taking her away from there.

This isn’t the primary time whilst Krish saves Bela life. in the previous episode when Bela changed into surrounded by way of fierce hearth, Krish took her to the hospital and stored her lifestyles. It looks like Bela has got a new savior, Krish. Bela asks Krish, who seems similar to Mahir, why he helped her? Krish says in response, I helped you due to the fact now you are my buddy.

Bela tells Krish that I can’t be your buddy and that it isn’t feasible because she is not a human. Krist starts giggling on Bela. Bela turns into a massive snake (naagin) in the front of Krish that makes Krish amazed and bowled over on the equal time. Krish thinks in his head how a girl can be a snake. Bela says to Krish that i have instructed you to live away from me.

Krish says to Bela that i am nonetheless not afraid of you. Bela doubts on him, questioning why a human being isn’t fearful of a naagin. Krish says that he does no longer get scared of anyone and that he is courageous. Bela thinks perhaps Krish is like this way only. nicely, this isn’t all. Krish and Bela go to Haveli to get to recognize who is that Huzoor Sahab. Huzoor Sahab is a girl to whom Sumitra additionally terrified of. Huzoor Sahab’s goons assault Bela and Krish, however, Krish being a rough-hard man beats the goons. Bela receives into her Naagin avatar to attack the goons. this night’s episode functions a massive fight between Bela-Krish and Sumitra, Huzoor Sahab and her goons. what will manifest next? stay tuned with us for all of the ultra-modern updates of your favoured show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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