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Naagin 3 24 Mar episode Vikrant and Vishakha attempt to assist Bela in locating out who Ritwik is, but the experience he’s innocent. nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to look who Ritwik is and what position he will play in Bela’s lifestyles.

Hukum has already hypnotised Bela to make her dance to his tunes. He intends to supply a child named Andhakasur with her. he’s the King of evil and Bela is the Queen of the Naag, for this reason, his child may be the most powerful, in truth invincible. He makes desperate tries to abduct Bela, but he fails.

In the meantime, Ritwik’s entry makes Bela suspect About his intentions. Ritwik is Mahir’s cousin, but no person is aware of who he’s in fact. He claims to be a reader of supernatural beings and has numerous books on controlling ghosts. Bela doubts Ritwik’s involvement with Hukum and suspects he can be possessed. She additionally feels that Ritwik may be Hukum in cover.

Vikrant and Vishakha try to assist Bela in finding out who Ritwik is however sensed he’s innocent. however, it will likely be interesting to see who Ritwik is and what function he will play in Bela’s life. Bela already has too many enemies and Hukum is trendy to sign up for the listing. Neither Bela nor Vishakha is aware of who Hukum is.

Hukum and planted Huzoor (Roohi) to execute his project but he removes her from his path by means of killing her. but, he has Sumitra, Yuvraj, Rohini, Alekh and Yuvraj to help him in his mission in advance. Bela, but, has the aid of Vishakha and Vikrant. Mahir additionally desires to help Bela, however Vikrant locks him interior Kuhu’s residence to keep him secure.

The precap section drops tips About the tale ahead. Hukum famous his face and includes Bela in his palms to his den. He makes her relaxation in the bed and talks About his desire of having a toddler from her. After final subconscious, Bela regains her senses and wonders in which she is. Has Hukum succeeded in his plan? Has he harmed Bela?

Yesterday Episode Written Update:

Naagin 3 written episode update 23 March 2019: Hukum Bella is able to hypnotize. Sumitra is still thinking about grabbing Nagmani. Sumitra plans to attack Bella with Rohini and Yuvraj.

In this episode of Naagin 3 , Hukum succeeds to hypnotize Bela, but Bella has no information about this. Mihir wants to help Bella, but Bella has no control over herself, so Bella ignores him. In the game, Ritwik is in doubt about the involvement of Bella. Ritwik claims that he is a tantrik, who can talk to superhuman powers. Meanwhile, Sumitra plans to attack Bella with Rohini and Yuvraj. Sumitra is still thinking about grabbing Nagmani.

Sumitra tells Yuvraj not to kill Bela, but she tells him to finish mastering. On one hand, Sumitra wants to marry Bella’s spell, while Ritwik talks about her plan on the other side. Bela is suspicious of Ritwik. Bela, master, poison and Vikrant decide together to keep an eye on Ritwik that if Ritwik is united with the dictates, then it is Ritwik, which is the order. When Ritwik goes out of the house, then the poison and Vikrant chase him. Ritwik protects a child from getting into the car. After watching this, the poison tells Vikrant that Ritwik is not wrong.

Meanwhile, UV comes in the room of Bela and Mihir and threatens to kill the master by pressing the master’s throat. The UV has held the master and he sprayed the flowers from a bottle, because his people are scared of it. The master gives away the UV and assures Bela that even after being a man, she can save her wife. Vikrant and Poison come to Bella and tell him about the incident with Ritwik. Bela says that Ritwik’s help can be taken to fight the spies.

In the night, Bella goes to Ritwik and asks for help to fight Hukum. Ritwik Bella asks her to sit while giving herbal tea and closes the door of the room, so that Bella becomes uneasy. He tells Ritwik to open the door, which Ritwik does not pay attention to and tries to explain it that it was for his good. To avoid any trouble, Bela escapes from there and goes out of the room.


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