Naagin 3 28th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The big twist comes in the latest episode of Nagin 3. Mihir and Bela lose their lives in the run-out to flee from Tamasi. Tammisi gets Nagmani, but with Bella’s death she becomes black.

Naagin 3 threatens the passionate Bella in the latest episode) if he did not get the gem he will kill mastering. Bela has to be handed over to Nagmani Bholenath so that she will not be in the wrong hands. Bela takes the serpent’s Avatar and pleads with Bholenath to give him a gem. To make Bholainath happy, he performs the orgy dance after which he gets Nagmani.

Bella comes back with Nagmani and gives it to Tamasi. She tells the master to leave. On the other hand, Sumitra is jealous that Nagmani could not be her. Along with the banded Vikrant and Vishakha, Bela and Mihir also managed to escape from there. Tamsi pursues them to kill Bella and Mihir. To protect themselves, both of them flutter in the river.

On the other hand, Vikrant and Visakhha Tamasis are imprisoned in the elusive traps. Vishakha tells Vikrant to find a way out of this way so that Bella and Master can be saved.

Despite falling into the river, Bella and Miyahir’s tactics do not leave the chase. He managed to shoot Bella. The master, flowing in the river, and Bella go forward. Due to drift, both begin to drown. Before his last moments, he remembers his beloved moments, after which he dies.

With the death of Bella, Nagmani becomes black. Sumitra says that Bella has been killed due to the curse which has caused this to happen. Tamasi and all go to Baba so that they can know about Bella’s rebirth. Tama kills them just as Baba gives them complete information.

In a settlement, female is giving birth to a child. The people of the village take him to the cottage. A black mark appears on the back of the newborn baby, which shows that it is Bella that has been reborn. Tamasis and his companions also reach the place so that they can reach Bela.


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