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The Episode starts with Sumitra, Rohini, Alek, Yuvi and the vultures come there and spot Rinki useless. Amita cries. Sumitra says Bela has killed her. Yuvi says he saw her going to Mahir’s room and tells that Vish’s soul has killed Rinki. Sumitra says how she will kill her, she is useless. Alek says you desired to say that she wants to kill us. Sumitra says that is done by means of Bela with the aid of the use of her thoughts, and says whilst she had stolen the naagmani, she would possibly have used Aghori baba’s mantra. Yuvi says no mother. Sumitra asks what dead Naagin will do with the Naagmani. Yuvi says Vish may have given Naagmani to Bela. Rohini gets scared and says she will be able to kill us as we have tied her hand. Amita asks Sumitra no longer to think her enemies vulnerable. She cries. Her son tells that she can not receive until she sees the soul. Yuvisays i have seen her. Sumitra says you have got visible the reflection and not the soul. She says Bela is getting a hit due to you humans. She says she will be able to accept as true with if she sees Vish’s soul. She peeps in Mahir’s room and sees Bela at his aspect. She asks snakes to maintain eye at the room and inform her if they arrive out. She asks other snakes to keep eye on Manju Vikrant. She thinks to find out who’s gambling this game.

She comes to the room and thinks the whole thing is gambling the game together with her. She feels the air and says she has lower back and will kill absolutely everyone. She then laughs and asks how Vish will kill me? Vish comes and asks did you name me? Sumitra asks who is behind the curtain. Vish’s soul appears in front of her and says i have back to take revenge. Sumitra is shocked and tries to chew her. Vish says you are attempting to kill the lifeless individual. She says do some thing you need however you can’t defeat Bela. no person can forestall your death now. Sumitra asks her to preserve quiet and takes her tongue. Vish says once more the identical strive, you need to kill me. She asks her to come back to her actual avatar. Vish comes as human and tells that she will thieve kajal from her eyes, can fly and stroll also by means of making a legitimate. Sumitra asks her to inform in which is Naagmani. Vish walks out of the room. Sumitra follows her and says you could’t go away with out giving me Naagmani. Kuhu comes and asks what are you doing? Sumitra says she is following Vish. Kuhu says there’s no person here. Sumitra couldn’t see Vish and scolds Kuhu.

Rohini and Alek ask why she is looking the soul. Sumitra says she noticed her and he or she turned into strolling from right here. She tells that she has visible with her eyes. Bela comes and asks if she found out her mistake. She says while Yuvi felt that he become incorrect while he saw Vish, now it is your turn. Amita and Rohini who is at her intention now. Sumitra asks them to be quiet and says she will get mad. Bela asks them to permit every person sleep. Alek tells that they shall go to the room and talk. Amita tells her son that they shall no longer visit their room. Mahir is waiting for Bela. Bela comes internal. Mahir says don’t know what occurred to Mumma. Bela says it’s miles too late and asks her to sleep. Mahir says he’s searching ghost. Bela says anywhere there is God, there can’t be the ghost. Mahir draws the imaginary line and tells that he would like to proportion both bed and bread together with her and asks her to sleep. Mahir asks her now not to cry a whole lot. He wipes her tears. Bela says I feel so touched, you are making me so happy. Mahir asks her to emerge as brave like him.

Rohini and Alek tell that they shall leave from there. Sumitra says she will be able to not move with out the Naagmani. Yuvi says what we will do with Naagmani if we’re useless. He asks her to leave it. Alek attempts to make her keep in mind that their combat is with soul now. Sumitra says she can take hold of the naagmani from Vish’s soul. Rohini says there’s a way. Sumitra smiles. Bela goes out of Mahir’s room. Mahir receives up and thinks of Bela’s words. He thinks Mamma become scared unnecessarily, there was no ghost, i will capture it.

Alek, Sumitra, and Rohini do tantra to capture Vish’s soul. Bela comes there and asks them to stop the drama. She sees Vish’s earrings there. Sumitra says they are calling Vish’s soul. Bela asks them to preserve their voice low and tells that Mahir is attempting to sleep. Rohini actions Vish’s jewelry and asks her to come. Alek says we will spoil your soul. Vikrant comes and asks what’s going on? Bela says that is Vish’s earrings and tells that they are looking to damage her soul. She asks Sumitra why she is hurting Vikrant more. Sumitra asks Vikrant to tell Vish to offer Naagmani and says you didn’t deliver her love when she changed into yearning for it. Vikrant asks her to have a few shame and tells which you have taken someone’s life with the aid of a cheat. Alek says Sumitra didn’t kill her, it became that stupid Rinki who killed her. Rohini blames Rinki. Amita receives irritated on Rohini. Bela tells that how are her buddies. Vikrant says they may be buddies by means of their greed. Sumitra asks if Vish turned into now not greedy. Vikrant says she was not greedy and cherished me genuinely. Sumitra asks him to die and unite with her and says if she doesn’t return my Naagmani then i’m able to no longer allow her get her love in seven birth. Vikrant says she was expensive to anyone. Sumitra asks him to ask her to go back Naagmani. Vikrant says you stated proper and actions the necklace and asks Vish to return and take revenge. He says you have got my permission, whoever had stricken you and killed you, come and kill every person. He says it’s miles my want and asks her to return. He tells Sumitra that Vish will come and could make all people punished.

Bela involves the room and sees Mahir lacking from the room. She receives tensed. Mahir is searching for ghost and sees Kuhu. He asks Kuhu to sleep. Kuhu thinks he’s going to pay attention to best Bela. Sumitra thinks of Vikrant’s words. She unearths electricity getting on and off….Mahir is searching the ghost nonetheless. Vish comes to Sumitra and asks if she is searching for something. She factors at Naagmani which is striking within the field in which Vish turned into murdered. Sumitra gets happy and tried to climb up. Vish receives happy and smiles. Sumitra maintains a table and attempts to take the Naagmani. Vish involves her and makes the table fall. Sumitra says shop me. Mahir says I don’t like to play disguise and seek with the ghost. Sumitra falls in the box and asks Vish to take her out. She says you betrayed me, there is no naagmani internal. Vish throws bel patr on Sumitra and switches at the water faucet. Sumitra shouts for help. Mahir hears her voice. Vish says today you have best one choice, I instructed that you may die. She says greed is bad but accurate to entice you. She says this is demise nicely for you, today all your sins may be calculated. She symptoms her bye. Kuhu thinks in which to go looking Bela. Bela is searching Mahir. Mahir comes inside the room and sees Sumitra inside the water field. Vish vanishes. Sumitra asks him to save her and take out the leaves.

Mahir climbs up and takes out the leaves. Sumitra asks him to take her out. Mahir says i’m able to not take you out as you’re making everybody cry. Sumitra says you made me cry, and offers rotten food to anybody. Sumitra says Andy gets indignant on you. Mahir says he’s going to get satisfied and could clap. He says this is punishment for you, get drowned. He asks if she is dying for actual and says don’t die for for all time. Sumitra asks him to break the glass. Mahir attempts to break the door along with his hand and his hand starts offevolved bleeding. Sumitra asks him to interrupt it with a rod, however Mahir couldn’t smash the glass container. Bela and Vikrant come there. Bela says it appears Vish has completed her promise. Mahir asks Bela to interrupt the door. Vikrant appears on crying. Bela says she is alive. She gives rod to Vikrant. Mahir asks Bela and Vikrant to assist her. Vikrant and Mahir break the glass. Sumitra flows out with water. Mahir and Vikrant help her rise up. Bela asks Vikrant to name the doctor. She asks Mahir to move. Mahir tells her no longer to punish his mother and says she is my Maa.

Bela turns 1/2 snake and says Mahir ji thinks that you acquire the punishment to your sins. She says I didn’t stop Mahir and Vikrant from saving you, as you’re their mom even though you didn’t grow to be their mom, the equal sons whom you’ve got ruined and snatched Vikrant’s love and betrayed Mahir. She says they’ve stored you forgetting every body.

She says you shall drown inside the water and die, i can kill you presently itself. She says i can kill an enemy, but not a mother. Sumitra asks are you forgiving me? Bela says never and says she will provide her final hazard. She asks her to depart evilness and mend her approaches. She says if you don’t agree then i’m able to kill you and will neglect that you are a mom to 2 sons.

Naagin 3 2nd February 2019 Written Update Precap: Vikrant tells that all world will see that evil gets burnt inside the fire and says we are able to make this havan kund hearth. Sumitra asks Vikrant to save him. Vikrant tells Vish that he loves her very much at the same time as she appears to be unconscious on his lap.

Naagin 3 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update
Naagin 3 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

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