Naagin 3 31st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The big twist is going to come in ‘Nagin 3’. Vishakha, where coming forward for the help of Bella, becomes the mother of the children of Hukum, then the same child becomes the new trouble.

In the latest episode of ‘ Nagin 3 ‘, Bela plays that the child of Hakum (Hujoor) is getting pregnant in her womb, but in reality Bela has a child of master in her womb. Hukum thinks that Bela will give birth to her child, whereas the reality is that she had done pregnancy to Vishakha, who was then in the form of Bella. Hukum wants to have a child with Nag Rani so that his child becomes almighty and he can not defeat him. Master, Bela, Vishakha and Vikrant hide this truth from others.

Bela Nag meets Baba and talks about Vishakha’s child. Baba says that he knows the truth. Bella feels bad that Vishakha saved him for friendship and trust and devastated his own life. He blames himself for not defeating the spies and after which he is responsible for what happened. Baba explains to her Bela realizes that Hukum has not touched Vishakha but she has been pregnant through Mantra. Listen to Bela gets some peace.

The dictation writings call Rohini and Sumitra to take care of Bela. He tells them that Bela has a baby in her womb, which will soon be born. Hukum says that blindness will not take 9 months to take birth and will come into this world within a day or two. Sumitra is shocked to hear this.

Meanwhile, Vishakha’s baby bump suddenly gets bigger and it starts to be a labor pane. Bella tries to take Vishakha out of the house so that Raj does not open. Bella goes to her room and tells Rohini to have a massage. The article thinks that Bella has vanished but when she sees that she is in the room, she is surprised.

Bella wishes to give her a good ritual to the child, but she does not know that the blind has started spreading Vishakha against everyone.


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