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Bela asking Sumitra to offer lower back the Naagmani. Adi comes and begins putting off the net from Yuvi and his team.

Yuvi catches hold of Kuhu and blackmails them to lose him. Yuvi takes Mahir with him to shopSumitra.

Bela tells Sumitra that Naagmani is in her locker. Bela takes away the keys from Sumitra. earlier than Bela, Vish, and Vikrant could kill Sumitra, Yuvi stops them.

Yuvi threatens them to throw Mahir down the cliff if they may not leave Sumitra. Yuvi asks for Naagmani in go back of Mahir’s lifestyles.

Bela warns them no longer to damage Mahir. Bela talks to Mahir in code language.

Bela is glad as Mahir recollects their code language. She asks Mahir to relax and have trust in her. Bela receives the Naagmani and places it internal Mahir’s body. Bela throws Mahir down the cliff.

Sumitra and each person get taken aback. Bela mocks at Sumitra that now she can in no way get keep of Naagmani.

Kuhu lashes out at Bela for pushing Mahir down the cliff. Vish says Mahir could be nice as Naagmani is with him.

Mahir finally lands on the ground and receives his reminiscence returned.

Mahir is thankful to Bela for all of the hardships she faced to save him. all of sudden, several snakes collect around Mahir. Mahir runs far from them.

Bela makes a decision to assist Kuhu and Andy.

Sumitra, Yuvi, and others go back to Sehgal residence. Bela stops them from getting into the house.

Andy lashes out at Sumitra and throws her out of the house. Bela protects Sehgal residence together with her magical defend.

Sumitra makes a decision to visit Naaglok to visit vishlok to get the Naagmani.

Panditji comes and warns Vikrant and Vishaka that Mahir’s life is at a chance in Naaglok. He adds that Bela will not be welcomed through the snakes in Naaglok.

Bela comes to Naaglok. The snakes there fail to recognize their Naagrani. Bela is tensed for Mahir.

Mahir fails to apprehend what all is going on with him.

The written replace of nine February 2019 Nagin3 episode tale ends.

Naagin 3 9th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Bela and Mahir come near and confess their emotions.

Naagin 3 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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