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Bela asking Sumitra to give her Naagmani. Adi comes close to the haveli and sees the lure. He attempts to take away the Bel part, however, Mahir hits toy car on him. Adi beats Mahir. Kuhu asks him to depart Mahir. Yuvi holds Kuhu and tells that he will kill her. Alek asks Yuvi to kill her. Mahir asks him to depart his sister. Andy is stunned. Yuvi says i am beginning my counting. Does Sumitra ask wherein is the Naagmani? Bela says we’ve saved Naagmani at the most secure location. Bela takes her key chain. Sumitra says Vish instructed that it is inside the haveli. Vish says you misunderstood me. Bela shows the Naagmani. Vikrant says how are we able to give naagmani to you which is with you. He says we can not do the error to leave you by myself. They alternate their eyes. Andy frees them. Alek asks what to do. Yuvi says this bakra will take out mom. he is taking Mahir with him, at the same time as Adi targets the gun at Andy and others. Yuvi shouts and asks Bela to leave his mum else he’ll kill Mahir. Sumitra laughs…Bela says you’ll no longer do anything. Sumitra says you wasted all time in dialogues and says i am not stupid like you. She says trump card is in Yuvi’s hand and says it depends on him if he will kill him or push him down. Mahir, Bela, and Vish emerge as a snake and come to store Mahir. Sumitra asks them to present Naagmani.

Bela, Vikrant, and Vish come to Andy and Kuhu in snake avatar and emerge as human. Vish calls Dad to Andy and says they will keep Mahir. Andy asks if you could handle. They ask him to consider them. they come to Yuvi and sees him approximately to push from the cliff. Yuvi asks her to give something his mum is looking. Sumitra says I care for you instead that Vikrant as I recognize you do the right issue at a proper time. She asks Bela to offer the Naagmani. Bela warns her and asks her to depart Mahir. Sumitra says as soon as Mahir falls, he might be broken into many portions, laughs. Vikrant asks Sumitra to leave Mahir. Sumitra tells him that he’s going to make her remember his Nani and will ship him there. She says the closing time you had been saved, but Mahir is a human and may be saved. Vish and Vikrant ask her to give Naagmani. Bela says i can’t trust Sumitra as she attempted to kill you even when I gave her Naagmani. Mahir tells Bela that he’s going to die. Bela says I gained’t let whatever show up to you and asks her to hear what she says. Yuvi says he’s going to make him bounce. Sumitra says you’ve got time, inform whatever you want. Mahir asks her to store him. Bela asks him to inform if he is satisfied. Rohini asks if she is happy. Does Mahir say i’m glad and asks if she is satisfied? Bela says i am very happy.

Bela, Vish and Vikrant fight with Sumitra, Yuvi and so forth.. Mahir tells Bela that he doesn’t recall something further. Bela says you may don’t forget the whole thing and asks him to agree with her. She says i will make the whole lot nice. Yuvi and Sumitra see Bela taking Naagmani in her hand and maintains it in on his chest. Mahir receives fine and recollects the whole thing. All evil snakes and vultures are bowled over and are available close to them, but just then Bela pushes Mahir from the cliff. Sumitra asks where is Mahir? She asks Amita to peer. Amita says even she couldn’t see. Mahir is safe and jumps all the way down to the secure area. Bela says Mahir is very far. Sumitra says she will kill her. Bela says if you kill me then how you will do business with him in exchange of naagmani. Mahir jumps in the air. Andy and Kuhu come to him. Kuhu asks what did you do with Mahir. Andy says Mahir.Vish asks Kuhu to relax. She says this become the simplest manner to save him. Vikrant says nothing can appear to him as he has Naagmani. Does Andy say how he will go back? Vikrant says he was given his medication. Boltu asks what? Vish says he can get exceptional due to Naagmani and asks them no longer to take the stress. Mahir comes down and does bunjee leaping. Bela says we should get Mahir lower back, we will allow him be there. Mahir falls down in the jungle and opens his eyes. Does he think how he got here? He recollects the whole lot and facebook is proven. He says then how am i able to be satisfied? He thinks you have performed so much for me and stored my life-risking your lifestyles. He asks why? just then many snakes come in front of him and surround him. Mahir hits him and runs. Vish tells Bela that they have got despatched Mahir in Naaglok and says it will likely be difficult for him to preserve there. Vikrant says no human can step in the Naaglok. Bela says however Mahir may be. She tells that she can go to Naaglok following him. Does Vish ask what she said to Mahir? Bela says it turned into our code language. Vish says it happens in love. Vikrant asks her not to waste time and move. Bela says Mahir has Suraksha kava, however, his circle of relatives don’t. We need to shop for them.

Sumitra, Yuvi, Alek, Rohini and Amita come home. Bela stops them from getting into the interior and says she is shielding her own family. Alek asks her to aspect covered. Amita name callings Sumi. Yuvi asks her to go to side else…Bela suggests her eyes. Kuhu and Boltu come there. Sumitra acts and tells that Bela has killed Mahir. She tells that she by no means wanted to harm Mahir. Andy comes and tells Boltu that they’ll now not come in their talks. Sumitra thinks Andy changed into fooled with the aid of her. Boltu brings their stuff and kicks it out. Sumitra is stunned. Andy says you’re a Dayan and asks her to get out and says you’re just devi by using your call. He says we will by no means doubt Bela. Sumitra says this female is a liar and had pushed Bela from the cliff. Kuhu says Bela didn’t do something. Yuvi says Mahir become your brother. Kuhu says you desired to kill me sometimes lower back. Yuvi says i’m able to kill you presently itself. Boltu threatens him. Andy asks them to get out. Sumitra says they forgot that i am a Naagin and shows her pink eyes and takes out her toxic tongue. Bela makes Andy, Kuhu and Boltu pass at the back of her. She turns into a 1/2 snake and kicks them out. Kuhu asks them to leave and says she breaks her relationship with her. Andy asks her to lie. Yuvi says we will enter here later. Bela says you may input right here again and makes a Suraksha kavaj around the residence and says no person can enter on this residence till they’re known as in, and says nobody wants to invite you. Boltu asks Amita to do gidda..They laugh. Bela asks Sumitra if she shall play band for them.

Andy tells bela that you don’t need to return for us. Bela says that is my family and i’m able to guard it usually. Kuhu hugs Bela. Bela asks Boltu to take care of absolutely everyone and says she can go back with Mahir soon. Sumitra and her clan are hiding. Sumitra says nobody will recognize you in Naaglok. Alek says Bela always have the ultimate giggle. Amita tells that Bela is best equipped to hold the Naagmani. Sumitra asks Yuvi to make her shut up. Yuvi says she will break the magic in 2 minutes, but she has just time for Naagmani. She says she can visit Naaglok and don’t need them.

Vikrant and Vish are looking forward to Bela within the haveli. Naag guru comes there. Vish says Bela will come here. Naag guru says Bela shall no longer cross there as the instances is awful there. He says snakes there don’t trust human and Mahir has hazard from Nidok Vansh, or even Bela is in chance. Vish and Vikrant get involved. Naag guru asks Mahadev to keep Bela.

Bela involves Naag lok and asks Bhole naath to shield her. She thinks why the region is looking at one of a kind and empty. Many snakes come there. Bela says it is ideal which you have come. They become human. Bela asks did you see any human here? Snake says no human can come right here. They ask who’re you? Bela asks what and says you don’t don’t forget Naag Rani. She says she is Naagmata’s elder daughter. The snake’s guys tell that she is an imposter and entered there. Bela kicks at the floor, turns into snake and crawls. The guys become snake and crawl.

Bela thinks something wrong befell here, my naaglok was no longer like this. She thinks where is my Mahir ji, in which to look him. Mahir is walking at the same time as snakes are following him. Mahir runs from the cliff into the valley to shop himself from the snakes. Bela is in the cave and thinks in which to search him. Mahir jumps at the floor and thinks why the snakes are after me, as i am the human and this is naag lok. He touches his chest and takes out the Naagmani.

Naagin 3 9th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Bela meets Mahir. Mahir says he is quality absolutely now. Bela hugs him and tells him that she accepts that she is not like him, however she loves him. Mahir kisses on her forehead. Later he falls down at the floor. Sumitra is standing near subconscious Vish and smiling. Bela cries.

Naagin 3 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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