A romantic video of Bela and Maahir from ‘Nagagin 3’, one of the most discussed shows of the small screen, has now leaked to social media. In this show where Surbhi Jyoti plays Nagin (Bela), Pearl V Puri plays the role of Maahir Sehgal. Now a romantic video of the show is being viral on the internet.

This intimate scene of Naagin 3 leaked on the internet, the romantic incarnation of Naagin was shocked
Naagin 3 (Photo Credits: Instagram)

It was seen that during the celebration of Holi celebrations, Bella and Mihir are seen romantically with each other. The first Holi of this pair on this show and its makers have created a special romantic scene while not losing the opportunity.

It is worth noting that the likes of Mihir and Bela are not only on this show but also on favors on social media. In such a way, these romantic videos are watching a lot of fences.

Talk about the story track of ‘Nagin 3’, the audience will see many twists and turns here. In the ensuing episode it will be seen that the command wants to kill Bela, but Nagarani succeeds in taking revenge from the injunction. After this, now the dictator’s daughter becomes the enemy of Tamasi Bella’s life.


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