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Nagin 3 17 Feb episode starts with Vishaka pleading Sumitra to keep Mahir. Sumitra and others enjoy watching Mahir burning inside the cottage.

Mahir struggles to step out of the burning residence. Bela comes and sees the cottage burning. Bela breaks down in ache. Mahir gets caught under a burning block of timber.

Bela comes to the haveli and begins recalling her moments with Mahir.

A while back: Bela enters the cottage and finds the whole lot turned into ashes.

present: Bela fails to trust that Mahir is not together with her. Vishaka and Vikrant see Bela’s situation. Vish feels responsible that she couldn’t shop Mahir.

Vikrant says we can take revenge from those who killed Mahir. They head in the direction of Sumitra’s residence. Vish attacks Yuvi.

Vishaka hits Rohini while she attempts to assault Vikrant. She bites Rohini which makes her subconscious. Vikrant and Sumitra come head to head.

A few men in black cape take Bela with them.

Vikrant bites Sumitra. Sumitra blackmails Vishaka and Vikrant by using saying that Bela’s existence is in danger. Vikrant and Vishaka are pressured to leave Sumitra and keep Bela.

Sumitra says Bela is kidnapped by way of her leader.

The stranger men drag Bela to a secret area.

Vishaka and Vikrant get tensed on finding Bela missing.

Bela is presented before a person. The guys question Bela if she is the Naagrani. Bela says she was a Naagrani however now she isn’t.

The guys inquire approximately the Naagmani from Bela.

Vishaka and Vikrant interrogate about Bela’s kidnappers from the villagers. They begin following the guidelines given with the aid of them.

The guys start setting Bela in the back of a bricked wall whilst she refused to inform them about the Naagmani. They later set hearth to the place.

Bela recalls her promise accomplished to Mahir and decides to try for her life.

Vishaka and Vikrant reach Sehgal residence but get tensed on no longer locating Sumitra and her gang there.

Krish sees the hearth in the building wherein Bela is trapped and crawls up the constructing as he feels someone is caught in there.

Vish and Vikrant carry out a Taandav dance in front of Lord Shiva to electrify him so that he saves Bela.

Krish saves Bela and brings her to the clinic. Bela gets returned to conscious.

The written replace of 17 February 2019 Naagin3 episode tale ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode: Bela comes across Mahir’s appearance alike.

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