In Colors TV show Naagin 3 23rd February 2019 episode, Mahir will come back!

Naagin 3 is the highest TRP and most loving show of Colors TV. The show is generating buzz due to its exciting story and unexpected twists and turns. This weekend’s episodes are going to be very interesting due to its latest engaging track that will kill the audience to entertain and would be a perfect treat for all the drama lovers out there. A significant twist is all set to hit the show with the latest episode.

In Colors TV show Naagin 3 23rd February 2019 episode, Mahir will come back! Yes, you read it read. In the latest episode of Naagin 3, Mahir will return to the show. Bela, who was surrounded by fire, get protected by someone, who takes her to the hospital. When Bela wakes up in the hospital, she thinks who took her to the hospital. Bela remains unaware who took her in the hospital from there.

After getting conscious again, Bela meets Vish and Vikrant. They get happy to see Bela fine. They ask Bela how she managed to come out safe. She tells them that someone protected her from fire and even took her to the hospital after which the person left ad that she does not know who helped her. Then goons arrive there, and they attack the trio of Vikrant, Vish, and Bela.

Unfortunately, Vikrant, Vish, and Bela’s powers fail to work there, and they three get into trouble. But then the same person, who admitted Bela into the hospital, arrives there and beats the goons. His mask suddenly drops off from his face, and Bela gets shocked to see his face because the person is Mahir. Mahir is the one who was hiding behind the mask. Bela along with Vish and Vikrant gets shocked to see that Mahir is still alive and that he is standing in front of them.

More interestingly, they notice that Mahir is wearing the same clothes worn by that Huzoor. It would be very interesting to see if that Huzoor is Mahir or he is a doppelganger of Mahir. The upcoming episode of Naagin 3 will answer everything. So, stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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