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The Episode starts offevolved with Juhi getting involved when she couldn’t alternate her avatar and is familiar with it is occurring due to the bottle. Huzur returns home. Yuvi tells that he went to her room. Huzur asks how dare you and holds his neck. Yuvi tells that he saw Juhi in her room and tells that he noticed Krish with Bela. Huzur says I asked him to move close to Bela. Yuvi says something is wrong and asks who married Bela. He says i am getting mad. Huzur says sure, and says I requested him to go close to Bela and asks when did he see him with Bela. Yuvi says few hours back. Huzur thinks Bela changed into in cave then who changed into here. Bela and Mahir return home. She says she has fulfilled two situations nowadays and hopes to fulfill the third one. She asks Mahir about Kuhu and child. He says he sent them with Boltu. Juhi attempts to grow to be

mahir, however can’t. Huzur and Yuvi come to the room. Juhi is hiding behind the curtains. Huzur pulls the curtains. Juhi as Mahir surprises her. Huzur asks Yuvi to see the opposite Krish who’s going from there. Yuvi says she is Juhi, but Huzur sees Mahir. She asks Mahir/Juhi to return together with her and says he has gone mad. Bela signs Juhi. Vish and Bela come to huzur’s room and attempt to find out about the liquid. Vish says i’m able to check it. Bela says I realize about it and says Juhi couldn’t change her avatar because of this. She says i’m surprised as no person can get this jaadi buti besides…She tells Vish that this shall no longer appear.
Huzur involves have breakfast along with her husband’s hand and asks Sumitra to convey the breakfast. Yuvi says I may tell all people, however no one will trust me. Mahir comes there. Huzur asks why did you put on clothes like Mahir. Juhi as Krish tells that he wanted to confuse Bela and that’s why worn comparable clothes. Rohini and Alek see Juhi in Krish’s avatar and receives taken aback. Mahir comes there and asks about Bela. Huzur says how will we recognize, and asks him to take a seat and feature breakfast. Huzur asks Sumitra to deliver breakfast. Rohini and Alek ask her to see. Huzur asks if they’re drunk. Mahir says they’re having hangover. Sumitra asks Huzur to check them. Huzur asks both of them to get up. Alek and Rohini talk that each are imposters. Huzur says now we are able to realize who’s real. Vikrant comes to room and asks in the event that they came to understand something. Bela shows the liquid. Vish says why they need her now not to alternate her avatar. Vikrant says so one can without problems manage her. Bela says I must drink this to understand their assignment, why they are at the back of Naagrani, at the same time as trying to get Naagmani.

Huzur asks Mahir and Krish to arise. Mahir says I should do some thing else juhi’s truth will come out. Huzur shows the hoop which Hukum gave her. Rohini asks about the price. Huzur scolds her and tells that the hoop is magical, and he’ll see his real face the usage of it. Mahir is set to leave and says she wants to see her husband’s face and no longer me. Yuvi tries to prevent him. Mahir falls on the switch field and switches off lighting fixtures. He swaps himself with Juhi. Yuvi asks how did you fall. Huzur reads the mantras and says he is my husband Krish. Yuvi tells that they ought to have swapped with every different. Mahir comes close to Huzur and says i’m no longer a fool to depart warm girl like her, and go to Bela. He says we are able to do breakfast in our room. Huzur asks Sumitra to bring breakfast of their room. Sumitra receives upset. Yuvi thinks what’s occurring. Juhi meets bela and Vish and tell that she simply smelled it after which she couldn’t alternate her avatar. Vish says she had just smelled, but you wanted to drink. Bela says tonight is the day of decision, and says you have to live as Mahir for few days, after which i’m able to recognise what’s Hukum’s plan. Bela asks Vikrant if he is aware of what to do. Vikrant says yes.

Huzur asks Mahir to make Bela drink the magical liquid. Mahir says i can make her drink and asks what’s her plan. Huzur says Hukum and i have deliberate something big with a purpose to smash her existence. She attempts to kiss him. Mahir says he has to go and make her drink the liquid. Vish tells bela that tonight is risky night. Bela says nowadays is the selection night. Vish asks her to think again. Bela says I left everything on Bhole naath and says these days justice will appear, today itself. Sumitra asks Alek and Rohini to depart the residence for this night. Rohini asks wherein we can move? Huzur says we need all the residence to be vacated for what we’re going to do. Alek and Rohini ask why she is not asking Sumitra and Yuvi. Huzur says they need to do her paintings. She asks Sumitra about Kuhu. Yuvi says I despatched her to Boltu’s residence. Huzur asks Alek and Rohini to move. They go away. Huzur asks Sumitra to do her paintings. Sumitra asks if i am your Servant? Huzur says sure. Yuvi says we can do and tells Sumitra that they’re effective, nowadays is special night for Hukum.

Huzur tells Mahir that this night they will unite with each other. She asks Mahir why is he shying, as she shall experience shy. Mahir gets tensed. Bela seems at them. Vikrant comes there and signs Bela. he’s taking avatar of Hukum’s guy and tells Huzur that Hukum called her as Bela escaped from cave. Huzur says how she will get away from the magical fireplace and says in reality a person helped us and asks who’s he? Vikrant says I don’t realize, Hukum asked me to present you message. She leaves. Bela comes to Mahir and pats on him. Mahir says i used to be not doing some thing. they arrive to room. Mahir tells Bela and Vish that they shall now not cross anywhere. Vish says I may be there with her. mahir says you aren’t searching worried for her. Bela says it turned into her plan and no longer Vish’s plan. She says Vikrant and Vish will be along with her and tells that people can’t cross there, however we have to cross there and expose them. She says i can not danger my lifestyles and will consider you, and could not end up heroine this time. Mahir asks if there’s any problem then. Bela says i can elope then…Mahir asks for promise.

Bela guarantees him and hugs him. track plays……important tumko bhool na pawungi plays….Vish tells them that she is feeling jealous and says i hope if Vikrant cares for me this a whole lot. Mahir says you are Naag and naagin and may store each other, but i can’t guard Bela. Bela says who instructed that and says you have to live in Boltu’s house and defend Kuhu and her daughter. Vish and Bela leaves. Huzur and Vikrant are at the manner. Huzur asks wherein are they going? Vikrant says wherein hukum known as us. Huzur asks why Hukum modified the vicinity. Vikrant says you realize nicely that no person questions about Hukum’s sayings and says if she don’t receive his order then the outcomes might be bad. Huzur says results could be bad for you.

Bela and Vish are going to the mountain cliff to know about the liquid secret. Vish asks about her plan. Bela says you shall recognise the least. Vish asks in which to head? Bela looks on the bottle and says left side. Vish says i’m tired. Huzur says we’re reaching Sumeru mountain and asks where is Hukum. Vikrant says he might be coming. Bela tells Vish that fake Ruhi reached there. Vish asks what Vikrant is doing this and says the air here is dangerous for us. Bela says i can no longer take time to do my paintings. She takes huzur’s conceal. Vish asks about her plan and says you had stated that you may drink liquid. Bela says she idea about it after which idea they don’t understand what the consequences may be. Vish asks if Vikrant is aware of her plan. Bela says Vikrant is aware of about it. Vish gets upset and says simplest I don’t recognize. Bela comes there as hukum. Huzur asks did you name me here? Vikrant says he is pronouncing that he is very upset with you. Huzur asks why is he not talking to me. Vikrant says he could be very upset with you. Huzur asks how can Bela get away from the paranormal fire. Vikrant says you could’t query him and asks if she remembers what turned into the intention to make Bela drink the magical liquid.

Huzur says I do not forget and says this night Hukum gets bodily with Bela. Bela is taken aback. Huzur says after that, your heir will be born, and because of your and Naagrani’s powers, andhkasur will be born. Bela is greatly surprised. Huzur says no one can fight with his inhuman and evil powers. She says that’s why I took Ruhi’s avatar, got married to Mahir’s lookalike. Vikrant says how this assignment may be fulfilled now and blames her. Huzur says how me..whilst actual Hukum comes there and stabs Huzur. She faints. He hits Vikrant and he falls down. Hukum holds Bela and says you’ll in no way be successful. Bela asks her to go away her and calls him reasonably-priced guy. He says he’s a satan and no longer human. He makes her drink the mystical drink. Hukum says no person can prevent from me, you turns into Andkasur’s mom. Bela removes Hukum’s get up and fights with him. Vikrant gets up and tries to combat with him. Hukum’s men maintain Vikrant. Huzur asks Bela to accept defeat and says you could’t alternate your avatar now. Bela pushes him and calls him mad, who thinks he can manipulate icchadhari naagin. She says she will be able to’t take any avatar, but can nonetheless take her different avatar. She turns into half of human. Hukum asks her to see Vish and Vikrant. Hukum’s men keep Vish and Vikrant. They leave Vikrant. Bela asks them to go away Vish. Hukum’s guys surround Bela and Vikrant. Bela looks on.


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