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Bela popping out of the tent where she was given the first resource. She sees a man sitting near the bonfire and asks if he saved her. He says i am Krish, I didn’t like that region and asks if she went along with her wish. He receives up and turns to her. He gets rid of his hood. Bela is greatly surprised to look Mahir’s lookalike and faints on his shoulder. He thinks she is odd and fell on him, no hi and whats up. he is taking her to bed within the tent. Bela gains recognition. He says thank God you’re alive. Bela looks at him and says Mahir. He says i am Krish and asks what is her name? He goes to get water. Bela receives up from bed and says she will be able to go. Krish says it’s far night now and asks her to head inside the morning. She says she is quality and has referred to as her buddies. Krish says a person left you to die and buried you inside the partitions and asks who are they? She says I need to go away. Krish holds her hand and says no person ignores her. bela asks how dare you to the touch me. Krish says i’d have left you if I knew which you are touch me now not. Bela says why you are asking me and with which proper. Krish says might also girls are after me, I stored you risking my lifestyles and asks her to analyze to mention thank you. Bela says so much is going on in me. Vish and Vikrant come there. Vish hugs her. Vikrant says we had been getting horrific mind. Vish sees Krish coming and asks if Mahir is alive. She asks him if he is alive and hugs him. She asks Bela why she didn’t tell her that he is alive. Krish says whatever is going on today. Bela says he is not Mahir, but Krish. He leaves.

Bela says he isn’t always mahir, simply resembles him else he would have given me a few signal. Vikrant says how can he resembles him a lot. Bela says we could pass. a few goons attack Krish. Krish beats them, however certainly one of them hits on his head and injures him with knife. They push him. Bela, Vikrant and Vish come there. Vikrant beats the goons by way of turning into 1/2 snake. Vish says we can’t leave him right here, as he saved you. they bring about him to Mahir’s residence. Bela says it is inaccurate, what dad and kuhu will suppose and going via after Mahir left. Vish asks her to ring the bell. Kuhu opens the door and is bowled over. Vish asks her to address her. Bela tells Andy that he’s Mahir’s lookalike, but not simply Mahir. Andy gets emotional. Bela takes Krish to her room. Krish asks if they didn’t see any good-looking man earlier than. Krish sees Bela’s photos at the wall and says you are self obsessed. Bela thinks of her moments with Mahir. Kardo Karam tune performs…..

Bela comes out and asks Vish wherein have been Mahir’s pictures. Andy says he asked Kuhu to take out the pics as his pictures have been telling that we couldn’t shop him. Bela says you did proper. Kuhu asks her to ask him if he’s Mahir. Bela says he is not Mahir, and tells that he stored her. Vish asks Bela how she is managing self after seeing his lookalike. Krish receives up bed and thinks don’t recognise who had buried her in the walls, and appears at his wound at the chest. He comes out of room. Bela tells them that he is not Mahir, as Mahir is snatched from her and asks them not to invite how is she? Vish says we are continually with you. bela says I don’t realize what to do as everything ended for me, I have no reason of lifestyles now. Vish says this can be injustice with Mahir and asks her no longer to mention this. Bela hugs her and cries. Krish seems at them and movements back, he collides with the vase and gets in the room.

Bela involves her room and sees huge cut on his chest. He asks if she will stitch it. Bela says blood is popping out. He says i am not a vampire. He says I want to depart. She asks him to name someone from his family. He says there is no one in his family. She says you are fireplace fighter. Krish says that building changed into mine, wherein you have been stuck, and says i was nearby and stored you. He says there is probably a person for positive with you. He says there are 7 humans in his group of workers. She says you can stay here, this is my inlaws home. He says I stay wherein my heart says, and don’t need each person’s permission. Bela says i’m able to name the cab. He feels ache in his wound. Bela asks him to depart while he becomes nice. He says adequate. She holds his hand asking him not to take out the bandage. He says I don’t need your help. Bela thinks of Mahir and calls him Mahir. Krish says i am Krish.

Vish tells Bela that Vikrant is saying right, we ought to visit haveli and speak to Aghori baba. Vikrant says Sumitra became now not in her new house and didn’t plan something against us till now. Vish says you have to be faraway from him as he’ll not will let you overlook him. Andy and Kuhu communicate approximately Krish. Bela tells that she is going out and says she knows that they are missing Mahir because of Krish. Kuhu says we will’t neglect Mahir bhai and you are doing via assisting someone. Andy says Kuhu modified a lot. Kuhu asks didn’t you change? Andy says i’m the same. Kuhu tells Bela that she will be able to come with her to buy stuff for Ruhi. Bela says she can buy the stuff. She comes returned with the stuff and sees Krish going in the car with a girl. She comes from the again door and sees Krish coming from the rest room. He asks if he desires her to have espresso with her. Bela is going without answering him. Krish says that’s impolite. Bela involves Andy and Kuhu and ask in the event that they noticed Krish going out. Andy says he become roaming in garden. Bela thinks if there are two lookalikes. She involves the haveli and calls Vish and Vikrant. Huzur and Sumitra are standing and hiding from bela.

Sumitra says a massive plan is occurring and you’ll now not recognise. Vish and Vikrant are in the jungle, while many snakes are after them. Vish says how we are able to speak to Bela now. She finds out that the snakes are going to Naag temple. Vikrant is tied by means of the tree branches and pulls up at the tree along with his head down. Vish gets tied to the tree as nicely. Bela hears snake charmer tune, even as Krish talks to her. She is set to head. Kuhu comes there and asks her to do her take a look at up. Bela says she is genuinely excellent. Kuhu tells her that Dad isn’t always adequate and says Mahir used to deal with the scenario, but now she is by myself. Bela sees the sound and thinks it is inviting all naag and naagin. doctor checks Andy. Andy says i’m nice. Kuhu asks doctor to inform Bela. doctor tells them that Andy has a liver infection and it could growth. Kuhu says you don’t love us and wants to do away with us. Bela asks physician to peer what first-rate they could do. physician says she can provide the injection to stop the contamination for now. She offers the injection.

Bela says you may have to eat drug treatments at proper time. health practitioner says she will check Bela. Bela says no want. Kuhu and Andy insist her to do her test up. physician takes Bela to her room. She says Kuhu informed me about you, and says they asked me to check you. She asks her to take a seat and lie down. Bela thinks to speak to Vish and Vikrant. health practitioner checks Bela. Bela thinks i hope Vish and Vikrant are safe. Sumitra asks Huzur goons to come back and says Huzur has broken the suraksha chakra. They get interior. doctor asks bela to take a seat and says your heart beat is regular. Bela sees Andy and kuhu subconscious inside the room’s mirror and thinks why they are mendacity surprisingly. health practitioner tells Bela that she is giving her multivitamin injection. Bela asks her to reveal which injection. doctor gets tensed. Sumitra asks Huzur guys to get in silently. Bela asks doctor what did she do with Dada and Kuhu and threatens her holding her neck. health practitioner says i used to be requested to lead them to subconscious. Bela asks her to mention. doctor says something massive will happen today, and says taaj poshi these days. Bela is stunned. Sumitra are about to come back there with Huzur goons.

Precap: Krish saves Bela and takes her to a facet of room, whilst Sumitra and others come to her room. Bela thanks Krish and says we are able to cross our ways. He sees Bela in half snake form and gets taken aback. someone is ready to attack Bela when Krish holds the knife and saves her.


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