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Faisal Khan and Muskan Kataria have a breakup as soon as the dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye 9’ comes out. Recently, Muskan confided to Spotboya that the two have now separated. Muskan says that Faizal was cheating on him, so he has a breakup. Faizal had not given any statement about his breakup till Smile’s statement, but now Faizal has also spoken openly in a conversation with Bombay Times.

Faizal said, ‘It is true that there was a lot of fight between me and Muskan before Nach Baliye started. But we did not separate, because I wanted to give my relationship another chance. I said with a smile that the stage of Nach Baliye will give us another chance to understand each other. We can settle our differences there comfortably because we will be together there most of the time. I used to practice Nach Baliye with a smile despite the tight schedule of my shoot, so that I could spend more time with him. But she used to fight with me there too and I used to be upset.

On the question of dating Sneha Wagh, Faizal said, ‘I am surprised that Muskan has accused me of cheating. I never betrayed him. All these allegations are being made because I got out of the show due to my injury. On Muskaan’s statement going into depression, the actor said, ‘Whoever comes out of depression in just 15 days, please tell me too. Find out about me you will know what depression is. I was called for bed rest for three months. I was not able to dance properly for two years. If she is claiming that she is in depression, then she is posting her happy photo on social media ‘.

‘I think she was with me just because of Limelight. I think having a smile was the biggest mistake in my life. Today I am unable to see my parents. Now I do not want to date anyone, I am afraid to love again. I think I loved the wrong person ‘.

Let me tell you that a few days ago an accident happened with Faizal on the set of ‘Chandragupta Morya’. In the shooting of ‘Chandragupta Morya’, Faizal was riding his horse and giving his shot, when his balance deteriorated and he fell down while getting off the horse. In this accident, two bones were broken behind his knee. Due to which doctors were advised to rest completely. Faizal was forced out of ‘Nach Baliye 9′ because of the doctors’ long rest advice.

Nach Baliye 9, every week, someone makes a blast. In ‘Nach Baliye 9’, the pairs are engaged in beating each other after hard work. But just a few days ago, during the rehearsal with Nach Baliye 9 (Nach Baliye 9) Contestant Pooja Banerjee, she had an accident, in which she suffered very deep injuries. Due to this accident, Pooja Banerjee ( Pooja Banerjee) and her husband Sandeep Sejwal, who made a wild card entry, had to leave the show. But recently, another big news related to Pooja Banerjee has come that she was losing her memory due to this accident.

This was revealed by Pooja Banerjee himself on the set of ‘Nach Baliye 9’. Pooja Banerjee said that both her hands were not working after the accident, even she could not walk on her feet as the plaster was tied in her right leg. Talking about the incident during the rehearsal, Pooja Banerjee said, “I didn’t remember anything after the accident because I had lost my memory for a while. I was only feeling pain. After that Sandeep Showed me the video, in which I fall down while dancing. It was quite strange for me to see it in the video. I could not understand what happened to me. Where am I being taken Is. But then she gave me painkillers after having admit in hospital I remembered what happened with me.”

Apart from losing memory, Pooja Banerjee (Pooja Banerjee) told that she could not even draw her blanket at bedtime because her hands had stopped working. Let me tell you that this incident happened during the rehearsal with Pooja Banerjee. In this accident, she fell on her hands from a height of about 10 feet, due to which she suffered deep injuries on both her hands. With this, his leg muscles were also torn.

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