Nach Baliye 9 31st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nach Baliye 9: This lie of Madhurima Tuli caught in Lie detector test, learn the secrets of other contestants This time on the set of ‘Nach Baliye 9’, there will be a Lie detector test, through which the truth related to the contestants of the show will be revealed.

Nach Baliye 9: The upcoming show ‘Nach Baliye 9’ on Star Plus makes a splash in every episode. A similar blast will be seen in ‘Nach Baliye 9’ this week as well , because this time there are many secrets of the contestants to be revealed on the set of the show, along with their truth will also be revealed. Indeed, ‘Nach Baliye 9 (Nach Baliye 9) this time lie detector test on the set, which will expose the truth about the Contestation show through. This lie detector test itself will be seen by senior journalist and famous news anchor Dibang.

In ‘Nach Baliye 9’, the Lie detector test was first performed on Ali Goni and Natasha Stankovic. In the first session of this test, both of them admitted that they still feel the vibe for each other. His face blossomed with a smile. But the very next moment when Ali was asked if he was in a real relationship with anyone, he denied this. The machine also confirmed this. After Ali’s test, Natasha herself admitted that she does not want to give a third chance to her relationship with him and she is as good as a friend.

After this, in Nach Baliye 9, the next Lie detector test was done on the most famous pair of show Madhurima and Vishal Singh. During this, there were many funny and surprising revelations related to both. During the Lie Detector test, when journalist Dibang asked Madhurima if she instigated Vishal, she denied this, but her lie was caught. After this, she immediately agreed and said, “I like being a girl when people are on my side.” Apart from these, Madhurima and Vishal leave no stone unturned to amaze and surprise everyone with their performance. Apart from Madhurima, Vishal Singh also admitted during this test that despite the current circumstances of their relationship, he has feelings for Madhurima.

After these pairs came the turn of Prince and Yuvika, the most loving couple of ‘Nach Baliye 9’. In this test, where the Prince told that there has never been a fight between them. With this, he told that he never checks his phone even after taking care of the privacy of the young man.


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