Nakamura Karouro
Shima (Sugi Sakana) of the Mishima family of “Iiden” and Learning meal etiquette 43 (Nakamura Kokuro) – (C) NHK

A big drama broadcasted on the 17th “Iiden – Tokyo Olimpic Bonus (Banasashi) ~” (NHK General · Sunday 20 o’clock ~ etc) In the 7th, the marathon runner who participated in the Olympics for the first time in Japan, Kanakuri · Sushi / Nakamura Kakurou ), Yuri Mishima (Mishima · Yahiko / Ikuta Toma ) was the first to meet with Olympic athletes to be selected as Olympic athletes . The severity of the reality confronted by two completely different people both born and raised was highlighted. (There are some spoiler)

In the seventh “funny two people”, Yoshihiko Yotsuhiko and Yotsuhiko who had decided to participate in the Stockholm Olympic Games by pressing Takashi Tokyo Takahashi Yoshinori Kano (Kanou / Jigoku / Koji Koji ) finally got to face each other and troubled each other A scene to confide was drawn. Fourty three are relying on Jigoro’s mouthpiece that he can run without pressure without worrying about the result if participating at his / her own expense and relying on his brother · real business (Natsumugu Nakamura ) of his hometown Especially. In fact they are encouraged to encourage their family as “family honor”, but they are poor and it is impossible to cover travel expenses at all. On the other hand, Yahiko was born and rich in the name of a son, but his older brother ( Ozawa Seiyu ) is interested only in money, his mother ( Kayoko Shiraishi ) , who places great importance on family names , is concerned only by his brother and has loneliness .

Such two people deepened friendship at the lecture meeting of meal manners held at the Mishima family. Yahiko who enjoys a family with a rich and rich heart of 43 or 43 who witnessed the wealth of Yahiko. A name scene develops to realize that they have mutual troubles with each other. In addition, the interaction between the four and three Mishima ‘s maids · Shima ( Sugi Sakana ) was drawn and attracted attention also to the Sima that threw a simple but daunting question in 43.

Meanwhile, the wife of Anniko Omori (Omori / Hyogo / Yutaka Takenouchi ), Anniko ( Charlotte / Kate Fox ), Takashi Takashi and Associate Professor Kani Kani (Kani Isao / Kanji Furuta ) to be a comedy relief role. Anniko who reads the name of the four in English “Forty Three!” And tells Sparta meal manner. It was swayed by Jogoro covered with debt and bad mood, cried with a letter from the forty-three villages, a toilet who was busy between two people. In the dazzling mood, I had a vivid presence.


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