Namah 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Devi Shakti tells Daksh that she cannot stay at a place where her husband is insult and says she is not his daughter anymore. Daksh shouts he himself will not accept her as daughter anymore after she came here as Mahadev’s wife and not his daughter, she is supporting a beggar and wanderer Mahadev who doesn’t care about his self-respect, etc. Devi Lakshmi warns him to mind his tongue, but Daksh continues insulting Mahadev and devi Shakti. Devi Shakti angrily takes rudra avatar and all devtas greet her. She warns Daksh that she can destroy him right now for insulting Mahadev, but she is the reason for Mahadev’s insult as she came here even after his warning. She makes a bridge from havan firewood and says she will sacrifice her body which is born by Daksh who insults her husband repeatedly, Mahadev will take revenge of his and his wife’s insult now. Devtas plead her not to do that. Devi Shakti walks into fire reminiscing Mahadev’s love and care for her.

Mahadev while meditating realizes what happened to Devi Shakti . He imagines Devi Shakti calling him holding aarti thali and says Kailash is dull without him. He reminisces Shakti telling she doesn’t need anything after getting him and him promises that she is his better half and there is no question of them separating. His tears fall into water and create a storm. He takes his rudra avatar, and things start to shatter because of it. Narayan thinks he feared this would happen.

Mahadev starts tandav/dance which shakes whole universe. Mrityu gets afraid seeing earth shaking. Kali says its shiv tandav and he will get his krodh alankar. Mahadev does tandav vigorously.

Precap: Voiceover questions if Devi Shakti’s sacrifice and Shiv tandav will get krodh alankar for Kali?


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