Namah 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahadev says if decision is strong, there will be stability in life; his friend Narayan showed this example by getting into his tortoise form and stabilizing Mandar/Mandrachal mountain. Asur asks how will they get a big strong rope to churn Mandar mountain. Narayan says his friend Mahadev’s snake Vasuki can be that rope. Another asur asks how can a snake be so strong. Narayan explains Mahadev makes Vasuki as his bow string and his power and strongness is much superior than anything in the world. Vasuki emerges and thanks Mahadev for choosing him. Evils apologize Kalyug and offers him king’s crown. Kalyug says he doesn’t need their crown and wants a strongest warrior in universe. Evils says Mahadev’s snake Vasuki is the strongest, but he is going for samudra manthan. Kalyug says Vasuki is going to get herbs to prepare himself for samudra manthan, his aide kaalkund will kill vasuki and eat him, then how will samudra manthan happen.

Vasuki heads towards mountain to get herb when Kaalkund attacks and eats him and continues shouting he is hungry. Mahadev with Narayan emerges and asks where is Vasuki. Narayan sees him in Kaalkund’s stomach and says even Vasuki couldn’t calm this monster’s hunger. Mahadev says let us end this monster. Narayan when a small blow can do the work, then why to kill this monster. He throws his gadha on Kaalkund’s stomach and he throws Vasuki from his mouth. Mahadev flies and picks Vasuki and brings him down. Vasuki thanks Mahadev and Narayan for saving him. Mahadev asks him to go and start samudra manthan while they calm this monster’s hunger. Vasuki reaches near ocean. Devi Saraswati asks where are Mahadev and Narayan. Vasuki says they saved him from Kaalkund and fighting with him. Devi Shakti says her husband Mahadev and Narayan are warriors and know to fight with any monster, so they need not worry. Brahmadev asks Vasuki to start samudra manthan. Vasuki goes and surrounds Mandar mountain like a snake. Asurs and devtas hold his tail and head. Mahadev orders Kaalkund to calm his hunger, else he has to lose his life. Kaalkund attacks Mahadev. Mahadev pushes him far away.

With samudra manthan devi Lakshmi emerges in celestial avatar. Narad chants mata Mahalakshmi ki jai.. Lakshmi asks where is her love. Narayan gets back his energy and says it means his lady love Lakshmi has returned. Mahadev says let us return back soon after ending this monster. He flies towards Kaaalkund and attacks him. Kaalkund falls far away. Devi Shakti drops her flower thali and says she felt as if someone someone attacked her. Narayan also attacks Narayan gets back his energy. Devi Lakshmi also feels similar pain and drops flower thali. Devi Saraswati says Mahadev and Narayan are fighting Kaalkund who has got Brahmadev’s boon, so Mahadev and Narayan’s most loved ones Shakti and Lakshmi are feeling Kaalkund’s pain. Mahadev says they cannot harm their dear ones. Devi Shakti and Lakshmi ask them not to stop worried for their pain and to calm down Kaalkund’s hunger. Narayan says they have to enter Kaalkund’s stomach and calm his hunger. They both enter Kaalkund’s stomach.

Precap: With Samudra manthan, halahal poison emerges.Kalyug tells Mrityu that he will consume halalal. Voiceover says if Mahadev and Narayan can stop Kalyug from consuming halahal.


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