Namah 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahadev and Narayan get into Kaalkund’s stomach. Kaalkund continues shouting that he is hungry.
Devi Shakti warns Kaalkund that she will kill him and takes Mahakali’s avatar. Devi Lakshmi stops her and says Mahadev and Narayan are warriors and they must have thought something well to kill Kaalkund.

Mahadev suggests Narayan that they cannot let their dear ones in pain, so they both should fight to end Kaalkund. Narayan says the power generated by their contact can destroy whole universe. Mahadev says its is not a time to think about it. They both punch hit each other’s fist and generate immense energy which kills Kaalkund. Brahmadev with Saraswati reaches there. Saraswati says the immense power generate by their contact can destroy whole universe, so Brahmadev should do something to calm them both. Devi Shakti says their life partners will calm them. Brahmadev warns that Mahadev and Narayan’s power will harm them both. Devi Lakshmi says as life partners, its their duty to stop them from destroying the universe. They both hold their respective life partner’s hand and calms them. Narayan thanks Devi Lakshmi for stopping the destroyal of universe. Devi shakti says it was her duty to calm his anger. Narayan says he became calm when his friend Mahadev showed him Lakshmi’s footprints, hence from now any unstable and angry mind can be calmed by devi Lakshm’s footprints. Kaalkund emerges in his real avatar and thanks from giving him mukti/freedom and requests to show their divya avatar. Mahadev and Narayan show their divya avatar.

Shristi tells Brahmadev that Narayan and Mahadev’s friendship is very strong and nobody can break it, that means Devi Lakshmi and Shakti’s dream is just a dream and cannot be reality. Brahmadev says it i not a dream, they both can go to any extent to protect the universe, they had to sacrifice their friendship to protect Shristi. Shristi says it would have provoked Kalyug more.

Kalyug angrily scolds his aides that their sent warrior Kaalkund died and couldn’t do any harm, now they all will die like Kaalkund. They all attack Kalyug. Mrityu enters and kills them all with her hair broach. She asks him why Vasuki’s poison is most important to him. Kalyug says he will become more powerful with Vasuki’s poison and he needs it to rule over the universe. Devtas thank Mahadev and Narayan for killing Kaalkung, now they will restart samudra manthan and wait for them. Devi Shakti and Lakshmi ask Mahadev and Narayan their fight today was like the visualization they saw where they were fighting with each other. Mahadev says they came against each other to protect the universe, let us go now towards samudra manthan.

Kalyug tells Mrityu that his existence is by sins and now he doesn’t need Vasuki’s poison as he wants halahal produced by samudra manthan. Mahadev and Narayan guide samudra manthan. Mrityu with Kalyug reaches near the venue and says this place is very dangerous. Kalug says he will end Satyug after getting halahal and will get more powerful. Mrityu says she will get it son. Devtas and asurs fall down unable to bear halahal’s power. Brahmadev says halahal should be stopped, else it is very lethal. Narayan walks towards Mandar mountain.

Precap: Mahadev consumes halahal and devtas call him Neelkanth. Asurs try to run away with amrith. Kalyug provokes asurs that they should fight and get halahal and not request. Narayan takes a beautiful lady’s avatar.


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