Namah 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyug walks towards Satyug to kill him. Narayan and Nandi with other disciples reach there and warn him to back off, else he will repent. Kalyug taunts that Mahadev and Narayan disciples are together today, they should return back if they want to be safe. Nandi warns he is not Narayan, but Mahadev’s bhakt who applies ash on his body. He turns into bull and attacks Kalyug, but Kalyug easily throws him away. Brahamaev attacks him with trishul and Kalyug easily turns its direction. Seshnag then attacks Kalyug, and Kalyug again easily defeats him. Injured Nandi tells Narad that their internal conflict made Kalyug powerful. They both try to walk away disappointed when Saraswati stops them and asks if they paid their gods Narayan and Mahadev; they are defeated because of their incompleteness; Mahadev and Narayan love and trust their disciples Narad and Nandi, but they insulted their god by forcing them to break their friendship. Narad says they did a big mistake by forcing Narayan and Mahadev to end their friendship and will pray for revival of their friendship.

Narad and Nandi with other disciples pray Narayan and Mahadev. Narayan and Mahadev open their eyes breaking their meditation. Kali picks Satyug on his palm and says he has to end him to rule as Kalyug. Satyug also prays Mahadev and Narayan and they reach there. Mahadev asks Narayan why is he here. Narayan says his disciples called him, so he came here. Mahadev says that means their intention is same. Narayan says then why should they delay much. Kali is about to eat Satyug when Narayan gets his sudarshan chakra and Mahadev hits his trishul on earth. Kali drops Satyug down unable to bear the trust and seeing Mahadev and Narayan says Naham themselves have come to stop him. Mahadev and Narayan warn him to drop his idea, else he will repent. Kali says his duty is to establish kalyug like Mahadev and Narayan’s duty is to protect Satyug. Narayan is about to throw sudarshan chakra when Mahadev stops him and says Kali’s end has not come yet, but they can stop him for sometime. They both throw sudharshan chakra and trishul and cut Kali’s hands, legs, and then head while Kali continues repeating his kalyug will come before its stipulated time. His body disappears as black smoke. Mahadev says this body was not suiting Kali, he may return when time comes. All disciples thank and pray Mahadev and Narayan.

Precap: Samay dev/time god stops himself seeing an unforeseen event happening to Mahadev and Shakti. voiceover asks what solution will Narayan find out to save his friend Mahadev and Shakti.


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