Namah 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Narayan disguised as Mohini walks to asurs who get mesmerized with her beauty and stand staring at her. Mohini takes amrith pot from asur Rahu. Mrityu watching it with Kali/Kalyug says they are fools to fall for Mohini. Kalyug says she forgot his words that he will get halahal while they are busy. Mohini entertains asur dancing around them and offers amrith to asurs and water to Narayan. Rahu sees that and gets suspicious and disguised as devta consumes amrith. Kalyug steals halahal drops and leaves 1 drop for Nandi and Narad. Devtas realizes asur Rahu consumed amrith and beheads them. Since Rahu consumed amrith, he does not die and his head and both are separately called as Rahu Ketu. Asur king Bali alleges that his god Narayan himself tricked him. Mahadev says trick should be ended with trick and Narayan didn’t kill them yet, he orders to go away from there, else to face dire consequences. Bali walks away warning Indra that he will take revenge soon. Indra praises Mahadev and Narayan for saving the nature and because of them manthan could happen and devtas got back their wealth.

Asur returns back to Mrityu and drops halahal drop in fire saying it is seed for his bright future and she shoudn’t be sad. Mrityu asks why did he leave 1 drop for Narad and Nandi. Kalyug says it was his prasad for them, they both will be busy fighting while he will end satyug easily. Brahmadev praises that wihout Mahadev and Narayan, samura manthan wouldn’t have completed, they should explain the lesson they got from samudra manthan. Narayan and Mahdev explain the significance how it is needed for the stability of the world, how it will help the nature maintain life, etc. Devtas chant their name.

Kali asks Mrityu to stop worrying and see him testing halahal’s powers. He falls into fire pit in which he dropped halahal. Mrityu asks if he is fine. Fire vanishes and he gets out of fire smeared in dirt.

Narayan tells Mahadev that they both maintain life in each atom of life and asks Mahadev who is he. Mahadev says Narayan is the one who protects nature and solves the troubles by taking different avatars like the his kurum/toroise avatar and Mohini, etc. Narayyan praises Mahadev next. Narad and Nandi start fighting with each discussing if Narayan or Mahadev are superior. Devtas ask them to stop fighting. They both continue praises their god and insulting other and decide to take their fight to their god. Kalyug gets more powerful and with his each step earth shakes. Mrityu gets happy seeing that.

Precap: Narad and Nandi ask Narayan and Mahadev to end their friendship. Kalyug reaches Brahamadev to end Satyug.


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