Nazar 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ansh and circle of relatives are in vehicle. they may be following microphone that changed into attached to Adi.

Tara wakes up and recalls how she become attacked however see her wound gone. She sees an arrow in Mayank’s lower back. She pulls it out. He winces and wakes up. Tara says there is one more. She takes it out too. She blows on his wound. Mayank looks away, jane-sanam performs.

Mother and Karan receives stuck in traffic. Ansh’s automobile is in visitors too. Piya sees sign going faraway from microphone however hears noise of equal visitors. She says Adi is close to. They see a water tank in one automobile and Adi inner. All pop out. Chitali says there are too many automobiles right here. Ansh takes davansh avatar and jumps on cars. vehicles begin moving. Ansh tries to get to Adi’s vehicle however car drives away. Piya sees microphone tool broken on street. Piya says how we will discover Adi now?

Piya calls Nishant and tells him that Adi changed into abducted. Ansh says there has been eagle tattoo on vehicle. Nishant recalls how he had placed chemical in that vehicle. Nishant says I recognise how to discover that automobile.

Tara and Mayank are in vehicle. Tara says I recognize you understand alot about my father and i wont go away till you inform me. Mayank asks her to go back.

Avi tells police to discover black automobile. Nishant says to Piya that i’m able to take you to that automobile then do my paintings. She says k. He asks them to start a hearth. Ansh starts offevolved it. hearth ball begins going away. they all follow it to visit that car.

Karan’s mom says to Adi that you have to cry so we can get mermaid pearls and we will become rich, cry. Adi hits her. Karan says he is robust. female tries to provide phone to Adi but her hand catches on fire. Karan laughs and says he doesnt like you. woman says I wont spare him now. She puts kerosene in water and starts offevolved fireplace. She says you need to like this water but it will make you cry.

Saanvi calls Tara and says your husband is a creature. Nishant takes cellphone from her and says we cant seize that creature, he doesnt want to kill Tara, she isn’t in danger. Saanvi says what about later?circle of relatives follows fire ball and sees girl throwing Adi in fireplace but Piya runs and grabs him. Police catches woman and Karan. Avi takes them away. Vedsheree hugs Adi. Piya consoles him.

Saanvi’s message data on Tara’s telephone however evil girl deletes and leaves, her nail falls there. Tara is available in her room and sees blue nail there, she says what is this?

Own family is in residence. Chitali says how can we make Adi first-class again? They flip to look Mohana coming there. All are greatly surprised. Vedsheree says you’re alive? how? Mohana tries to visit Ansh but Vedsheree comes infront of her.

Precap: Ansh tells own family that Piya has come to be mermaid. All are shocked.


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