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Nazar 10 Sep episode begins with Ansh taking out a wooden Trishul from his cabinet alongside bow and bolt.

Ansh needs to begin the quest for his kids while Piya says they should begin from the sea. They reach close to the sea and see a consuming island.

Nishant proposes to give a shot in bringing back their forces. He takes them to the lair of first Ikaayan. The Ikaayan says the forces can’t be recovered.

She says the Daayan more dominant than her can support them. Ansh says one power can help them who even terrified Mohana.

Piya reasons he is discussing Shalaaka. They choose to utilize her sword to prevent themselves from yielding their forces before.

Piya first cuts Ansh with Shalaaka’s blade and after that wounds herself. They reach back in time and Ansh says they should forfeit their forces.

Piya contacts the bangle she has taken and recalls that they can’t lose powers. She reminds Ansh also and both choose to keep their forces.

They are going to leave when Ansh’s wings fall in the well alongside Piya’s blade. They return and get disillusioned while Piya chooses to implore Lord Ganesh.

In the mean time, Guru Maa attempts to get some answers concerning Bhasmika in Witch book. Simultaneously, Nishant and Saavi choose to utilize Bhasmika’s nail to get some answers concerning her.

Master Maa read something and educates Nishant that they ought to prepare for the war.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh and Piya look for assistance from Lord Ganesha during Visarjan

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