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Nazar 11th Feb episode starts with Ansh and Piya walking far away from Mohanna. Mohanna is after Piya’s child’s existence. Ansh feels horrific as he fails to take proper care of Piya.

Asuransh locks Saavi in a container at Tamra’s residence.

Mohanna comes to the jungle looking for Ansh and Piya. Ansh senses Mohanna’s presence. they are trying to move away.

Saavi unties herself within the container. A fog follows Ansh and Piya and conveys their vicinity to Mohanna. They run away, Mohanna sees them.

Saavi frees herself and decides to get away. She walks out of his residence in order that she can help Piya and Ansh.

Mohanna is confident that she will be able to catch Ansh and Piya soon as the whole lot inside the jungle is under manage.

Piya’s infant warns her of a capability chance surrounding them. The couple saves themselves from a falling tree.

Asuransh is available in front of Saavi.

Mohanna and Ansh and Piya come head to head. Ansh stands in Piya’s safety.

Mohanna comes in her Sarpayan avatar.
Nishant comes and prevents Mohanna via binding her. He stops Piya from telling Mohanna approximately him.

Asuransh throttles Saavi. He blows something on Saavi due to which she faints.

Piya fails to apprehend how Mohanna succeeds in locating them. Ansh says it’s miles because of him. Nishant explains that Ansh and Mohanna are sure by using raktbandhan.

Saavi comes back to her house. Naman questions her for going missing from the area for goodbye. Saavi doesn’t remember something.

Ansh advises Piya to move far away from him to keep their infant. Piya receives emotional by means of saying that she can not stay without him.

The couple breaks down considering their separation.

Vedashri waits for Piya to lighten up the magical diya. The diya lightens up.

The written replace of eleven February 2019 Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode: Mohanna involves Ansh inquiring approximately Piya.

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