Nazar 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Episode begin with Ruby and Naman coming at Rathod house.. Ansh ask Ruby to do some thing, same Naman ask her to kill Chalayan own family. Ruby smile and say Naman i’m Dayan👻, but you barely know that i’m Chalayan Dayan👻🧟‍♀, and jump and sit on Ansh neck. She similarly say that till Mohona was there I couldn’t bring my Chalayan family.. Naman say you betrayed every person? Ruby say its in my blood to do Chal.. You thought that i was week and took me to near tree, absolutely everyone don’t forget flashback… Ruby further say to Ansh that you insulted me, now undergo the results.. Naman begin to faint however control himself. Ansh says he is Davansh and too way sturdy.. Ruby say her circle of relatives is extra effective and expect you all of us will need to die… Naman say to Ansh that Ruby hair are nonetheless white, don’t consume🥙🌮🥗 whatever.. Ruby say until when you’ll live on weight-reduction plan, I shall eat🥗🌮🥙 and drink🥛 something you’ll devour and drink??

Naman indicates a few liquid🥃, Piya ask about liquid? Naman say ruby stated that she shall eat🌮🥙 and drink🥃🥛 anything rathod family devour and drink.. And that is great answer for Chalayan’s: Its Tulsi🌿, GangaJal🍶 and Snake Poison🐍, mixed collectively and top for getting rid of chalayan, but no understanding for saving people.. Piya say I shall drink, before chalayan kill us.. Ruby say but how your own family will continue to exist piya??

Avinash say we aren’t week and is ready to drink🍶. Ruby say if you do so, I shall kill Ansh.. Avinash nonetheless drink🍶 and followed by way of other own family individuals.. Piya say if we all will die, what will take place to Munna?? Ansh say all of us will stay alive, simply drink.. Piya drink, and bypass bottle to however it drop earlier than Ansh maintain..

Ruby say now you shall comprehend which you did wrong. Piya say, in case you promise me to leave my family unfastened, I shall battar Mohona, ekayan Hair braid, which I had hidden from all evil powers, when she died!! Ruby say that means Devik is doing Battar with Dayan👻, i’m able to’t consider you and she start consuming Ansh blood.. Piya say in view that we each only ought to battar, as that is about my own family simplest and you will have powers of ekayaan.. Its your desire simplest. Ruby read mantra and make different chalayan away.. And keep circumstance that until i get Braid, I shall be sitting on Ansh.

Saavi and Nishant goes out of doors restaurant, with that rakshash, who see them.. all of them discover a person, and suddenly recognise that character isn’t always there..

Piya open field and spot missing braid. Munna is gambling with it.. Ruby get irritated on Munna, however Piya manage him softly and warn Ruby for not making munna irritated.😡😠. Piya deliver braid to ruby.. Ruby say I shall grow to be Chalayan ekayan🧟‍♀👻 quickly, however Munna energy begin to burn braid and Munna face flip fire red… Piya say she requested, no longer to make munna indignant, but you may still end up ekayan, braid still have powers… Ruby say that Coconut 🌰face me Handgrande💣 hai (dedicating to munna), and ask piya to deliver braid in living room..

Precap: Rakshsh pop out from pool sooner or later revealing his face (i think as his eyes have been glowing equal)


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