Nazar 11th March 2019 Written Updates: Chalayan Ruby attacks Ansh

Nazar 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 11 Mar episode starts with Naman and Ruby entering Rathod residence. Naman and Ansh ask Ruby to attack Chalayan Daayans’ and save Rathods’.

Ruby shocks them by means of getting over Ansh’s body and revealing that she is a Chalayan Daayan. Ruby says all this become her plan to get her Chalayan own family within the house.

Ansh says he is a davansh and so no Daayan can defeat him. Ruby asks Ansh to just accept defeat as she will never go away him.

Naman encourages Ansh not to eat something. He states that he’ll defeat her. Naman brings a unique liquid to kill Chalayan.

He says some of the own family individuals might not be able to bear the effect of the concoction. Ruby mocks at them.

The Rathods’ comply with drink the liquid. Ruby assaults Ansh to stop them from consuming the concoction. earlier than Ansh may want to drink the liquid, the bottle falls down.

Ruby is confident that quickly she will become effective with the aid of draining Ansh’s powers from the frame.

Piya tells Ruby that she can supply her Mohanna’s choti however in return, she can have to launch her family from her trap.

Piya convinces Ruby to ditch her own family individuals to win the powerful choti of Ekayan. Ruby accepts Piya’s deal.

She uses her powers and all the Chalayan Daayans’ vanish away. Rathods’ get launched from the Chalayans.

Piya asks Ruby to accompany her to get the choti.

Asuransh continues an eye on the mystery female. Nishant, Saavi, and Panditji also come there finding the lady. Asuransh watches them.

Piya receives tensed as she fails to find the choti within the field. Ruby gets irritated on Piya. They discover Munna gambling with the choti.

Ruby fails to come back close to Munna, she asks Piya at hand over the choti to her. Munna refuses to present the choti to Ruby.

Ruby receives the choti. Munna gets angry and burns the choti. Ruby asks Piya to deliver the choti to her.

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