Nazar 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Piya stands close to the waters. She sees her baby and is in tears. Piya runs and jumps n the water. She turns into a mermaid. Piiya comes out fo water.

Tara tries calling Sawi. Sawi says Tara.. We were watching for your name. Sawi says did you get my voice message? Tara says I didn’t get any voice message. Sawi says why might you call then? She says weird things are going on with me. I don’t understand why. SAwi says your husband Mayank is.. Sawi’s voice disrupts. Tara says i’m able to’t listen something. Sawi says preserve ginger and black pepper with you to defend your self. Tara says i will’t listen. Mayank cuts the twine. He says who were you speakme to?

Piya recollects spending time together with her child and Ansh. She says they have to be searching out me. A pirates’ boat sees her. He says she is a mermaid. Their tears make pearls. they are high priced. we are able to sell her for an pricey price. They sail in the direction of her.

Tara takes out ginger. Mayak’s sister says are you including it in tea? Mayank doesn’t find it irresistible. Mayak comes and takes the bottle of black pepper from her.

The pirates are about to shove an arrow however Piya jumps inside the water. They sail after her. they are attempting to shoot her. Piya is going deep in the water. the top pirate says she will’t conceal for me. He says locate her. Piya is hidden at the back of their boat.

Ansh says how will we discover her in this huge sea? Shekhar says we’re with you. They see pearls on a stone. Shekhar says these pearls are made from her tears. Seh became right here. Ansh picks them in tears. He says wherever you’re i’m able to find you.

Tara gives tea to Mayank with gigner. He liquids it.
Mohhana is with Piya’s toddler. She touches him and he will become of stone. He has mohana’s comb. She leaves and he’s released. Mohana comes back once more. He freezes once more. She says you’re playing with me? i’m able to see.

Tara sees black pepper in her hand. It makes a smoke and goes in a lady in black saree. Tara remembers the equal girl attacked her. The black pepper burns her skin. Tara says you drank that tea? Mayank didn’t? She is about take her ghunghat off however she disappears her.

Chitali is making Piya’s infant consume. She goes to door. Mohana comes and mixes something in it. She is set to make him eat it. Chitali says you can’t do that. She says i can make him eat. the child throws it on her face. Chitali laughs. Mohana says are you giggling? She throttles Chitali.

Precap: Tara tells ma she didn’t have everyday feel. Ma suggests her ft and says like this? Tara is scared.


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