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Mohanna comes to Ansh inquiring approximately Piya. Ansh mocks at her and refuses to tell about Piya. He says we separated to safeguard our child.

Mohanna is assured that soon Ansh will reach out to Piya while his child will take beginning. She says she will kill their infant then.

Nishant sends Piya to a secure region have been Mohanna can by no means harm her.

Ansh comes back to Rathod residence. Vedashri questions Ansh about Piya. Ash says Piya is satisfactory and is at a safe region.

Nishant scolds Saavi for no longer being capable of protect Piya. Naman tells Nishant that Saavi were given missing for a while.

Saavi tells Nishant approximately the clean name which she obtained. Nishant receives to recognise that Asuransh has entered their lives.

Nishant doubts that Saavi changed into kidnapped by means of Asuransh. He wants to the purpose at the back of Asuransh’s visit and his actual intentions.

whilst offering prayers to Lord Shiva, Piya listens to the smile of her baby.

Ansh and Piya leave out every different.
Nishant prepares a mystical vapor to get to know extra approximately the Asuransh. Saavi well-knownshows that Asuransh is finding a female with a special mark on her again.

After six months:

Piya gets hard work ache. She fails to mild up the diya. Ansh feels that Piya is in chance. Ansh decides to attain out to Piya.

Nishant, Naman, and Saavi are anxiously trying to find Asuransh. they are trying to find a clue amongst the eight women kidnapped through Asuransh.

Panditji says the main link between the eight women is that they were born in Rohini nakshatra.

Ansh calls Nishant to inquire approximately Piya. Saavi selections up the call. She says she doesn’t recognise whatever approximately Piya’s region.

Ansh craves for Piya. He prays for her wellness.

The written update of 12 February 2019 Nazar episode complete story ends.

Precap:- Piya gives birth to her baby.

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