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Nazar 12 Jul episode begins with Ansh acknowledging Trishila has not come alone. He advises this to Nishant. Everyone scrutinizes him for misconception Trishila.

He breaks the entryway, and everyone finds a shape with Trishila. Trishila uncovers the shape as Piya’s mom, Divya.

Piya gets passionate to see her mom. Divya gives the credit of her being alive to Trishila. She affirms if an abhorrent soul executes a Reevavanshi, her spirit can be reestablished.

Everyone get enchanted with Divya’s landing. Piya brings Adi to meet his grandmother, yet he goes to stone when he comes around Divya.

Afterward, Trishila helps Divya to remember the significance of that day and gives her something enclosed by red fabric.

Vedashree demands revering goddess together, and Trishila concurs. During the Aarti, Trishila advises Divya to leave with the red fabric.

She comes outside, and stars begin to adjust together to frame a sword. She opens the red material however is halted and caught in plants.

Ansh goes to see Divya while Saavi discloses to Nishant that all pages of Witch’s mystery are gone from the book.

Nishant advises this to Piya and affirms that it is the season of the last war.

Afterward, Piya advises Ansh to unwind and not get suspicious about her mom. He is concerned that something awful will occur, yet Piya comforts him by saying everything will occur for their advantage.

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